Thursday, 9 August 2012

What's In A Name?

I'm afraid to say that you may have to get used to several blog posts referring to my upcoming wedding ... this is only to be expected, I am a woman.

Ahem, last week I was cruising t'Interweb to see what was required of me regards name change once the deed was done. I know I've done it once before but this was last century (25 years ago) and pre-Internet so not that many places where I needed to change it. But now in this more modern era, my name and indeed my present debit card details are liberally spread about. Damn, I just remembered another one to add to the never-ending list ... lawn bowls ergo my East Lindsey Keycard.

'Bugger it!' I announced. 'I'm not going through all that hoo hah to change my name, I like the one I've got and I'm keeping it.' This did not go down well amongst some of my lady friends (hmmm, surprisingly ... obviously they're not feminists). They seem to think I was being disrespectful to grumpy by not changing my name to match his.

Oho! this reaction was bound to irk me, something I'd said half jokingly was being taken seriously and with such a negative stance. What's wrong with you wimmin? Who says we've first got to bear our fathers name, then when he gives, GIVES us away to another man, we then become their possession and become (correct title) Mrs husband's Christian name husband's surname, NOT even (incorrect title) Mrs our Christian name husband's surname. Are we still living in the dark ages?

Hmmm, not once was it suggested by anyone that my grumpy old man change his name. I could probably go for Hubert Fauntleroy Fitzpatrick Fotheringham Abbot - it gets me back to near the beginning of the alphabet instead of me always bringing up the rear, incidentally my initial won't change this time.

Anyway, if I do decide to change my name, it'll only be because it's even more hassle not to, and not because it's the EXPECTED or traditional thing to do. What most wimmin don't seem to realise is that the wedding certificate is NOT a legal document to say your name MUST change or HAS changed. No, it's just proof of the right to change it if we want to ... when we're ready ... you know, there's no rush ... when we get around to it ... and if it's owt like my divorce, sometime in the next decade or so ...

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