Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not Dotting The i's

I did warn you that there would be lots more of this:

I was doodling the other day ... the type of doodling I've not done in over 25 years ... yes, I was practising my POSSIBLE future signature. 'OH NOOOOOOOOO' ... I wailed, I can't have that. It's horrible, I've lost my i's.

I currently have two i's in my surname, and when I do my signature I draw rings above them rather than just boring dots. Yes I know I've still got one in Julie, but I rarely - if ever - sign my full name ... boo hoo, hoo, hoo hoo, hoo.

There came a spate of daft suggestions, among them ... have a middle name with i's in it - yes I know, I already said I don't sign with my first name, I just use the initial so this suggestion was completely useless.

But ahem, once we're in wappy mode, it's hard to get out of - this may or may not be an age thing, or we could just be that couple that everyone tries to avoid because they think we've escaped from somewhere secure.

'Iris' ... says I. 'But do you like it?' ... he asks. 'Nope, it's fuddy duddy, hmmm.'

'MISSISSIPPI'  ... he announced. I gave him one of my looks. 'Mississippi? Mississippi? Are you right sharp?' ... 'Well it's got i's in it'.

Ahem, I am now known variously as - Mississippi - Missi - Sippi - Pissi and Missis Julie Sippi ...


  1. I love it LOVE IT LOVE IT.Mrs.MISSISSIPPI ------ Well Jules you wanted the i s.Its definitely as good as ISAAC and FLORENCE or ISSAC cant remember how to spell it,Now get practicing i will however refer to you as Mrs Jules Mississippi __ __ __ __ __ __.Sounds BRILL to me.By the way i dont no wether im right sharp or not.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    1. No, you're not right sharp either ... but then again, you already know that ;-)

  2. I can't think of a word with more i's than Mississippi. However I have a wee verse -
    "Idling I sit in this mild twilight dim,
    Whilst birds, in wild, swift vigils, circling skim.
    Light winds in sighing sink, till, rising bright,
    Night's Virgin Pilgrim swims in vivid light!"

    1. I will admit that there's one or two i's in that verse ... bit long winded for a middle name though Bernard ;-)

    2. It wasn't meant as a middle name. It was just something you could write out 50 times and draw wee circles above the i's instead of dots! :)
      I guess 'Night's Virgin Pilgrim' is a reference to the moon.
      For a middle name go for Woolie.
      I like Julie Woolie ........
      (or Woolies, in memory of a long lost friend). :)

    3. Aghhh, Bernard. Julie Woolie was the very thing I'd been trying to avoid! (no chance).

      My future surname begins with a W, has got an L in it and ends EY.

      I realised I may as well just get on with it and use it myself as that's what I'll end up being called ... Nope, not changing it. I'll keep my i's ;-)


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