Friday, 12 February 2010

Written To Asda and More Rumours

Being somewhat nosy and having a ‘what shall we do to annoy someone’ with very little else to do day, I wrote to thinking that if the rumours that Heanor Haulage no longer required offices and a workshop across the road from us were true, then we were entitled to know what we were getting in their place. Let's face it, it's a biggish area we're talking about.

I received a reply [so I can't moan about that, but I'd really, really like to], not from Asda themselves but from a ‘consultant to Asda’. Obviously Asda are far too busy now they’ve got their own way - with our support - to bother with insignificant people like me.

This is the reply ….

Hello Julie,
I've received your query via the ASDA Langley Mill website.
I am aware that there have been rumours circulating locally around Heanor Haulage's future on the 'ASDA' site. I will speak to my colleagues at ASDA and come back to you with any further information as soon as I know more.
Kind regards,
(Consultant to ASDA)

This was nearly five weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing since. Knowing me as well as I do, I think I've been incredibly patient, surely they know something by now - Oh I see, I’m off in la-la land again, assuming that they actually want to tell us what they’re doing, hmm.

Now the latest Langley Mill Asda rumours are that Bridge Street is going to be widened by 8ft - although Highways and a bunch of geriatrics group of councillors said it was quite wide enough as it was, this judgement was made one day at 1.00-ish when everyone was at work so there were very few parked cars.

And, ahem, because Heanor Haulage's offices and workshop isn't going to be built Asda will now be open by November. Gosh, all my Christmas food shopping in Langley Mill - I think I'll have it delivered ...


  1. Come on then you like to be in the know why so many police on cromford road today? (Fri 28th May).
    love your blogs all the best chris.

  2. You mean I missed something??!! My nosy detector probably needs new batteries.

    The only thing I've heard - and this is via Heanor so obviously unreliable - is that there had been an industrial accident somewhere in Langley Mill, and - even more unreliable hearsay coming up - the air ambulance landed on Langley Mill cricket ground.


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