Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I tthhink thhe archaeollllogists arre excavvvvating in the builddding acrrooss fromm us - tiin waalls, concccrete floooor neeed I sssay morrre? exccuse me whiile I jusst caattch a chhhair thaat's on thhe mooove.

Norrmmal tyypping wiiiill be resuuuumed as soooon as poosssibble .......


  1. Anymore news? You seem to get stuff which I don't living a couple of hundred yards further away. Be good if you can scan and put up anything interesting that they post to you.

  2. Only definite news I've got - and am in mid-blog about is that they're cutting down the tree at the top of the street tomorrow. I only found out half an hour before we went out so haven't had time to write it all. I will certainly let you know if I get 'posted' anything interesting.


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