Thursday, 25 February 2010

Saying Goodbye To A Tree

A man has just visited to ask us if we didn't mind parking all the cars further down the street from 9.00am tomorrow as they're taking down the tree at the top of Bridge Street.

What a sad day for me - but it has to be done now before the blackbirds start nesting in it again as we had a pair there last year all through spring and summer, I don't know how many young they raised but we seem to have a lot of blackbirds now.

'Natural England supports the recommendation for clearance worked to be timed to avoid the bird-breeding season, and the season should be taken to be from March to September inclusive. It is agreed that a site survey should be required, undertaken by a suitably qualified ornithological surveyor, should clearance works be programmed for any time within the birdbreeding season. Clearance would not be able to commence until the end of the breeding season if nesting birds were found.'

I hope they leave the trees at the back of us, as well as hedge sparrows, robins, tits and blackbirds, we get bullfinches visiting - something I've never seen at either Center Parcs or Rufford Park.

I suppose we'll have to wait and see ...

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