Sunday, 28 February 2010

Not Rumours After All

Thanks Asda - for nothing.

Seeing as you aren't going to tell me, I'll tell you - just in case you really don't know [hmm, yes I am being deliberately obtuse]. Heanor Haulage aren't going to have a workshop and offices at Langley Mill.

We first heard this last December but they were dismissed by the ‘Asda consultant’ - when I asked in January - as ‘local rumours’.

We have it on good authority - no not Fred [who the bloody hell is Fred] - that HH are eventually moving their complete operation to Ilkeston ... one day. Demolition will soon begin on the buildings but no-one seems to know what we'll have instead of the workshop and offices, the proposed [and passed] landscaping this side of where they were meant to be is still the same - according to the latest plans anyway.

If the shaking our houses suffered the other day with just a bit of archaeology is anything to go by, then I think it may be a good idea to take photo’s of our now intact roof ready for putting in a claim when it slides off onto the car - no I’m not joking, I am a bit concerned that this may happen, I do hope my fears are completely unfounded [I'm not the ‘lets see how much compensation we can screw out of them’ type or I'd have found something more lucrative to stub and break my toes on rather than my ironing board, the GOM and a door frame - the last 3 breaks, not necessarily in that order], but the buildings across from us are very close - this must be equally as worrying for most of Bridge Street's residents and not just us at the top, it's just that we got to experience a ‘taster’ of what is to come.

We have been warned by a very nice man that it will be extremely dusty during demolition - nothing new there as Heanor Haulage do already kick up a lot of muck, a large amount of which is filtered out by my nets [washed ‘em yesterday, they practically walked to the kitchen and it was like folding cardboard getting them in the sink - ‘I should keep my windows shut’, I hear you say, I can't because I feel like I'm suffocating at night with them closed.

And of course it will be noisy as well as dusty - we expect this, I know they're not out to deliberately annoy us - this has already been pointed out by the aforementioned very nice man [the same one that told us about the death of the trees - I'm trying to like him, honest] - but this won't stop me taking it personal and moaning accordingly - I am after all a practising grump.

Then, when we've had a little peace and have got used to our new but temporary vista [photo's will be taken], we're to expect more noise as the piling gets under way and the steel frame goes up for the new Asda store.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that it's all actually going to happen, probably because it seems to have been going on for so long - nearly two years since we heard the first whispers of Asda's interest in Langley Mill ...


  1. My God Lady Grumpess, this is serious stuff, going to be far worse than anything HH have managed to conjure up. Rest assured my dear Grumpess you can rely on my support and active involvement should you embark on a campaign to KEEP OUR HEANOR HAULGE.

    I thought your holiday sounded crap, and your poor Grumpy old man, inprisoned in a souped up garden shed with you and your family tribe, his only happy memories being the occasional p**s up some evenings, a sore rosette from riding those bloody bikes and a go down the slide in the Aquadrome. You sure know how to push the boat out your Ladyship.
    I may analize your remarks and get back to you later.
    In the mean time sleep tight my precious Grumpess and take care.

    Taverna Ted xx

  2. Ok Ted, I've decided to put you out of your misery and publish your comment. You must have had a most boring weekend judging by how many times you visited my blog.


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