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My Meeting With Councillor Kevin Parkinson re ASDA Island Safety.

By Dayvee

I arrived at the island earlier than planned, and placed my backside on a bench facing the island.  I thought I’d have a few moments watching the traffic and pedestrians go about their business.

The island activity was blistering but then it was peak time, this doesn’t excuse the poor, erratic, selfish driving. 
Not by everyone I have to say, there were some drivers who were courteous to others and used the island as I would term correctly.

Here are some of my observations during a period of only 15 minutes. 
  • Some drivers didn’t indicate their intended direction.
  •  Many drivers chose the wrong lane and involved cutting other drivers up. 
  •  There were drivers who attacked the island as if it was their enemy or race track, they couldn’t get on or off it quick enough.
  • One driver went round 1½ times.  He came from Eastwood end, did a complete lap then left for Heanor, a case of wrong lane and no indication.
  • Two pedestrians became stranded on the splitter island in the middle of Cromford road; they started from “The Mill” side and were heading toward ASDA with a two wheeled shopping trolley in tow.  They made it quite comfortably to the splitter island but leaving it was a very nerving ordeal for them.  It was a gamble when to leave the island in order to cross the second half.  This was due to the traffic coming off the island and leaving ASDA with and without indication.

 Soon after Councillor Parkinson arrived and our discussion began.

I was told By Councillor Parkinson that: 
  •  The island and alterations to the approach roads were constructed with the assumption and expectation that both drivers and pedestrians are aware and use the highway in accordance laid down in “The Highway Code”.
  • There is no reported or local knowledge of any incident or accident involving a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist using the island. Asda is a responsible neighbour, and has continued to work with our highways officers since the store opened keeping the island and road safety considerations of pedestrians, which has led to an agreed, set of new highway improvements to the island.’ (This section has been edited by Julie. Apologies to Councillor Parkinson for the error)
  •  A blind or vision impaired person will be expected to have a person/partner, guide dog or at least a white stick to aid crossing, it is also expected that drivers will stop for such a person to allow safe crossing. 
  • Traffic lights cannot be installed close to the island as it will cause traffic build up, on and off the island which would be hazardous.  The pedestrian controlled traffic lights near “The Railway Tavern” and KFC would have to be removed. The reason being that the light sequence could not be synchronized with those on the island if fitted. If they could It would also be too expensive. 
  • The McDonalds build has been approved to go ahead after finalizing and getting approval of the changes to the road/footpath layout. Had the public used the moment more actively and raised their objections at the time of notice being given, then the McDonalds franchisee would have had to re-think.
  • He will do everything he can to hold up the building of McDonalds until he is absolutely satisfied that the road/footpath layout meets with his and the highway’s authority approval, at the moment it doesn’t.  All previous road layout plans have been rejected.
  • It will be in the interest of McDonald’s franchisee to be patient and come up with the correct solution for customer vehicle access and exit and how it integrates with the island on station road. 
  • There will be a clause built into the contract, in that if after a period of time it is found that the island or road layout is not working as well as it could or should, then the McDonalds franchisee will be responsible for the funding to make any necessary changes.
  • It would be a good idea to involve and work with the Parish Council.
  • Work is on-going to move the car wash lot which is next to “The Railway Tavern”. 
  • “The Mill” (derelict building) if eventually sold has or will have restrictions place upon it as to what could be made of it.  It may be that a compulsory purchase order be placed on it with the intention of demolition.
After reading the above I can appreciate some of the comments will infuriate certain people and rightly so.

Unfortunately the horse has bolted and we are where we are.

I suggest if you have any questions or clarification relating to the above they would best directed to Councillor Parkinson.  or on twitter @GreaterHeanor ... I found him to be very obliging and informative.

Do we have any chance to make the McDonald’s franchisee move his restaurant to…

I have a slight (very slight) suspicion that McDonalds HQ could be persuaded to advise their franchisee to build down near KFC. Spare land is already there waiting for development.

No brainer to me.  CRAZY ISN’T IT?

I am of the opinion that the restaurant could be open for business sooner if built near KFC, than if they ran the time consuming course of getting approval for the already problematic road layout at the Island which could hopefully go on and on and on.

I think that McDonalds HQ need to know how much we are opposed to their franchisee building on the previous CJ car sales site.  And make them aware of
If our case encouraged and welcomed the build to be in the same area as KFC as opposed to not having one who knows?

The last thing they need is negative publicity and would prefer it if the public were on their side.

It is possible that we have lost the battle but there is nothing to stop us from continuing with the war and make it very uncomfortable for them by using the almighty weight of the public of whom they will rely on for their business.
Below (Where we want to be) ironically, is a section off the McDonald’s web site.
I have underlined, made bold and coloured red which contradicts the CJ site at Langley Mill.
I will be compiling a letter to the CEO, McDonald’s head office; if anyone else cares to add their weight, his address is shown at the bottom.  Surely must be worth a stamp, or you can Tweet @McDonalds  and  #McDonalds and Facebook them, get your contacts/friends to share your FB post.

Dare I say it the more the better, united we stand … 

Where we want to be

Due to the growing success of the Company, the intention is to increase the pace of acquisitions with a target of 30 new restaurant openings per year from 2011, which will create up to 1800 new job opportunities annually.
The primary vehicle for this expansion will be freestanding drive-thru restaurants where convenience is key or locations in new or existing retail and leisure parks and transport hubs where visits are often part of a linked trip.
Where McDonald's differs from its Competitors
All leases are taken in the McDonald's Restaurants Ltd name
·         McDonald's take leases up to 25 years
·         McDonald's has a superior covenant strength achieving yields of between 5% and 6%
What are the site requirements
·         Mixed Use/Retail Parks/Leisure Parks/Main Arterial Routes
·         Co-location opportunities with hotels considered
·         Ideal site size is 0.5+ acres
·         All opportunities considered: Standalone units/Leasehold or Freehold - sites up to one acre
·         Pub conversions

For the personal and private attention of
Don Thompson CEO Restaurants Ltd:
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd:
11 - 59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW


  1. I'd be interested to know how many 'compulsory purchase orders' AVBC has made in the last 10 years ?

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

  2. CORRECTION to "My meeting with Councillor Kevin Parkinson re ASDA island safety"

    Unfortunately there is a section in what I have written which I appear to have misinterpreted what councillor Parkinson told me during our meeting on Monday 6th August.
    Apologies have been sent and kindly received by councillor Parkinson for which I am grateful.

    My sincere apologies to anyone if my misinterpretation of what was discussed has caused offence or any distress to anyone

    The section that follows is incorrect:

    Nothing will change to make the crossing of the roads for pedestrians any safer than it is now; unless a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist has been knocked over and injured (God forbid Killed) using the island/s. Only then will it be looked at! Because no one has been injured proves that their reasoning works as they expected.

    Below is the exact wording what Councillor Parkinson said during our discussion:

    ‘There is no reported or local knowledge of any incident or accident involving a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist using the island.’ I did also say, ‘Asda is a responsible neighbour, and has continued to work with our highways officers since the store opened keeping the island and road safety considerations of pedestrians live, which has led to an agreed, set of new highway improvements to the island.’

    He did not say, ‘unless a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist has been knocked over and injured using the island/s. Only then will it be looked at!’.

  3. It might be a bit safer on the island if someone got a mower out and cut the grass, At least you could see traffic aproaching from the opposite way, If could'nt afford a mower perhaps somebody could hire a sheep out. Anything to cut the grass.


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