Friday, 2 October 2009

No Longer Losing The Plot - It's Well And Truly Lost!

I was preparing for my evening wallow - I do like an hour in the bath with a good book [I'm reading 'Cranford' at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it], something I can't do at the manor unless I want to sit in the mini-bath/shower doo dah with my legs up in the air. Caravan baths; unless you're rich, are literally bum-sized.

Anyway, I went to turn the tap on - bearing in mind that even though I'm often away, we have had this posh bathroom suite for exactly two years and I've used it every day since we got back on Tuesday.

There I stood, turning first one way and then the other; the widget that shoves up the plug, muttering all the while about there being no bloody water when I want it.

The penny finally dropped, I finished telling myself that I was a moron over that, only to find that my next attempt was equally as dim. I was pulling up the taps/shower diverter and giving that a good waddle.

By the time I finally sussed it, I found that I was actually telling the bubble bath - ironically the same 'flavour' as the foamburst I had squirted my left armpit with yesterday - all about my problems with the new-fangled lever/swivelly type tap.

Is there no hope? Is it all downhill from here?

I think I'll have a day in bed tomorrow ...

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