Friday, 2 October 2009

Losing The Plot - And Not Even 50 Yet!

We were going out for tea yesterday; to celebrate some small, noisy persons Birthday. As I was getting ready I thought I'd give my pits a quick squirt. I'll try this new anti-perspirant ... Hmm, I wonder why I bought it when I've already got a new one waiting?

Shake, squirt - it's not coming out very well - s-q-u-i-r-t. Yes, it was lovely ... and ever so foamy. It wasn't anti-perspirant at all but Imperial Leather foamburst - and it lived up to its name!

I could have been forgiven for this misunderstanding if I'd bought it weeks ago and put it away, rather than having bought it only the day before and knowing full well what it was at the time.

I have a system when I unpack the bags after shopping. Everything is put on the worktop in the appropriate place in the kitchen, then I just reach up or down to put it away. The upstairs stuff goes in one carrier bag to be taken up by whoever goes up first, then it gradually reaches the rooms it's intended for.

Not this time - the G.O.M went up first and instead of dumping the bag on the bed for me to sort out as he normally does; he thought he'd do me a favour by putting things away - which reminds me, what's he done with my other - um - stuff?

There's foam everywhere! I rinsed it off my person and wiped it off my clothes - am I the only one who gets changed then thinks it's a good idea to freshen up the old armpits? There's sweet smelling foam all down the cupboard door where I reached in for a towel, down the side of the bath, there's a blob behind the sink taps, there were several blobs along the route I took [rubbed into the carpets now] from the bedroom to the bathroom, and down the stairs when I went to tell the G.O.M what I'd done, even though I'd supposedly got it all off by then.

I say 'there's foam everywhere', in the present tense because I've left it to see how long it takes to disappear [I'm like that] - it's getting on my nerves now though, so as soon as I've finished this post I intend to de-foam ...

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