Saturday, 3 October 2009

Poor Dean Street

I'm glad I don't live on Dean Street. Heanor Haulage's muck and grime is blowing straight down there. It's a lot worse every time a Heanor Haulage lorry whizzes up and down the yard which is fairly frequent. We can't see across to the recreation ground for dust. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the wind doesn't change direction, the air tastes bad enough here as it is.

I'm sure this can't be classed as healthy living - breathing in Heanor Haulage's diesel fumes and the contaminated dust they whip up with their lorries. Oh haven't I mentioned that it's contaminated? Well it is.

At least Dean Street isn't kept awake half the night, first by PMB pallet Express - brrm, brrm clattering - in the very early hours. Then by the wind rattling the crappy squeaky shutters across the road. At least there will be light on the bridge tonight, Bridge Street has been reduced to three street lights all week but the council has been fixing this morning ...

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