Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Have Heanor Haulage Already Expanded?

Well, as long suspected Heanor Haulage seems to have expanded onto the side of the railway with a couple of their flatbeds and a nice new fence. So really they don't appear to be going anywhere soon. We knew that the land was being sold a while ago as there were notices up at the time.

I'm expecting this arrangement to cause Asda a bit of a headache as they've stated that they want to improve Pottery Lane. This now means that they've also got to make it safe for pedestrians as Heanor Haulage will need to get to their new open storage somehow.

Unless, as was rumoured way back - along with the earliest ‘Asda coming to Langley Mill rumours’, Heanor Haulage wanted to access this land from the industrial estate up Cromford Road. I suppose we'll eventually find out what their plans are when they've done it - pretty normal.

At least the awful mess should get cleared up under the bridge that teenagers have made with their drinking [and other activities] den. Oops, I forgot who we’re talking about, there’s the disgusting mess at the top of Bridge Street that Heanor Haulage won’t clean up and we can’t get in to do it, so I may be making wild assumptions here.

Now, although I haven’t got anywhere near enough spies to keep me properly up to date, I have been informed that they can’t build on this ex-railway land, it’s only for the storage of flatbeds. I wonder where the rest of the crap will go?

Oh silly me, I was having a senile moment there, it’s not going anywhere …


  1. H.H. are the best thing that happened to Heanor, as far back as 1935 they have been employing local labour and providing well paid long term jobs for the locals, the pits have gone, so has Vic Hallam, so has Aristoc and Morley's, and Heanor Laundry and Dye works. I can only bring to mind Midland General Buses, Smith's Flour and jolly old Heanor Haulage who have survived

    Long may they thrive and flourish, good old HH.

  2. I can't argue with that 'anonymous' except that they're not in Heanor are they?
    I wouldn't want them to close down as so much has been lost to this area already.
    I CAN object to where they are though - and believe me, it's been awful since they came to Langley Mill because they and their tenants [the night time nuisance] are far too close to our homes.
    The council has stated - I have it in writing - that 'Heanor Haulage does create UNACCEPTABLE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS' and would be better relocated somewhere more suitable - not a lot to ask is it?


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