Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ten Weeks Of Alternate Day Fasting ...

... And An Experiment Never To Be Repeated.

By now we must all be getting a bit bored with this but I notice it's still fairly popular amongst my 'most read posts' so I'll continue with my updates a while longer.

As I expected the weight loss did slow down after week three, with a normal 2lb loss every week after. But on week seven I had a pleasant surprise - yes, I know it's week ten now, but bear with me (this is a diary) - I'd lost 3lb ... WOWEE methinks, if I can lose 3lb in one week at this point without changing my diet significantly after week four, what would happen if I did two double down days a week?

With my main aim - by now - of fitting into a certain dress by a specific date, I thought 'I've got nothing to lose - except weight - I'll give it a go'.

So far the 'diet' had been a pleasure because on down days I've always been on a high. Another way of describing the feeling is 'fair twanging'. Possibly a euphoric buzz only achieved with early drug taking (before dependency) or what the more athletic among us feel during and after exercise (endorphins).

This buzz did NOT happen during week eight with the exception of Friday, and this was only because I knew that when Saturday arrived and I got on the scales, I was going to have lost loads of weight ... hmmmm.

I did down days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Let me tell you it was a d-r-a-g. Normally by Monday night I'm grinning to myself because not only am I on a high - and sloshing from all the liquid I drink to stave off hunger - I'm also chuffed that tomorrow it's munch day.

During this week all I thought about was food, I was back to the miserable days of 'you can't eat that, it's got calories in it'. Not even Wednesday cheered me up when I allowed myself to follow a normal diet. All I thought about was hungry Thursday would soon be here, with yet another day the same after.

First thing Saturday morning, the scales were placed on the kitchen floor, I had a smug smile, I just knew it was going to be good ... 1lb, One measly pound. I got off the scales, moved them around the floor, on, off, on, off, twiddle with the dial, on. Still the same, I could have cried. I got pen, paper and calculator out to work out my calories over the week.

Oh bugger, it's possible (okay, it's obvious) I didn't eat enough. Not only did my skinny gene get switched off, it probably curled up and died. I bet the 'we're starving here, lets slow down the metabolism' genes kicked in with relish (BA**ARDS!). It looks like even though other people CAN do two consecutive days of near fasting, I can't, especially twice.

I went back to normal for week nine (Mon, Weds, Fri), I gained 1lb. I'm not giving in, I still feel great - worried in case I've buggered my metabolism up, but health-wise, fabulous.

Now going off at a complete tangent here, this may be a mere coincidence, but I mentioned last time that I've not needed any stomach acid remedies. This still holds by the way ... Ahem, When my grumpy old man and myself go out, especially near water, he has to be smothered in mosquito/midge/whatever repellent, I just stand next to him admiring his little swarm of followers/biters. Then it's my duty to tend to the bites/lumps that he can't reach when we get home and he does his best not to scratch them. I NEVER EVER got bit myself.

This was also noticeable when I went with a group of women for a short break to Spain. They were well munched, me ... not a nibble. I put this down to my habit of jumping in the shower every five minutes. I'm not suggesting for a moment that my friends are a mucky lot, but I only had go back to our room to use the loo and I'd be under the shower before I went out again. This was a stage I was at with my obsessive compulsive doings ... shame it's never extended to being tidy.

Anyway I digress, Last week I got bit, not once but six times, four on my right wrist and two on my left knee. They swelled up, went red and ITCHED. This set me to thinking (I'm like that). I checked online to see if there was any connection between an over-acidic stomach and immunity to mosquitoes, and guess what I found? They'd done experiments and found that stressed people give off a gas that repels them. May I suggest that when they're stressed; their stomach acid goes into overdrive and this is what repels them ... just a thought.
And now to week ten. I followed my usual pattern of Mon/Weds/Fri down days, felt enormously bloated - hormones ... I am STILL a woman ;-) - This morning (Saturday) the  scales were placed gingerly on the floor, I took my pyjama bottoms off - we're still at the tin hut (brrrrr) so I'm wearing heavy duty, winter strength nightwear - shivered my way in a tiptoe fashion onto the scales. Oh yes, not only have I lost the 1lb gained last week, I've lost another 3lb with it (yeah, yeah, hormones, blah, blah blah) - a total 27lb lost, hmmm so maybe a delayed reaction to the two double down days on week eight????

Will I do it again? NO, NEVER! It's not worth the misery. Slow and sensible from now on, even if it's only half a pound a week ...

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  1. I am so glad to have found these posts. It's lunch time of my first ever fasting day, having just polished off a bowl of baby food and cabbage, it's encouraging to read your story. I don't have much weight to lose, but I do over indulge, get left feeling bloated and sluggish and generally pretty crap. I'm looking at my 5 up, 2 down days as a detox but much, much more manageable.

    Have you found any recipes? I've found the calorie counting a right pain, so far my planned meals consist of tinned soups (I normally always make my own from scratch), rice and certain vegetables.

  2. Hi Amy,

    thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. In the next few days I'll be writing my three months of ADF.

    If you're on Facebook I can recommend that you join The group 'Alternate Day Fasting ADF' - We're a happy bunch of ADFers, there are recipes, tips and loads of advice from us all.

    Some are doing it literally ADF, some (like you want to) do it 5 up 2 down. A lot do Mon/Weds/Fri like me.

    We even vary how many meals we have on fast day - some have three small meals, two medium meals or one bigger meal. Then there's the real fasters (terrific willpower).

    We all have our own favourite ways of following this lifestyle and it may take a while until you're comfortable and happy. Obviously the first week is the hardest.

    Today for the first time I'm doing one meal (later) whereas I would normally be having 40% of my calories now. I'm just drinking more 'mazzy watter' instead ;-)

    I use myfitnesspal to count the calories.

    I've recently started having warm salads from Asda, they're in the region of 250 cals. In the chiller there are ready meals not too calorific and make a nice change. Then there's always meal replacement shakes to fall back on.

    Whichever you choose, good luck and I'm sure after your first week you'll start to feel the benefits.


  3. Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading it. You have a great writing style. Congratulations on your weight loss and persistance with sticking to the plan. so pleased to see you are seeing increased health benefits too. All very encouraging for me in week 1 of my ADD. Please keep posting. Best wishes, H :)

    1. Hello Anonymous H,

      thanks for the 'writing style' compliment, I do tend to waffle on a bit though.

      As I did with Amy, I'd like to wish you luck with this lifestyle - whichever method you follow. And do join us on Facebook, there's loads of encouragement there. It's a closed group but just pop along and ask to join.


  4. Hello Julie, thank you for all the information that you have posted on this site about ADF, it has been great to read and encouraging to find out about you and how successful you have been with it. I was hoping to find out if you are still doing ADF?

    1. Well, sometimes it's ADF ... after I've had a week of indulgence when my friend visits and I've gained 4lbs plus. Mostly I do 4:3 to maintain or OMAD (one meal a day) or daily fasting of various lengths ... just to keep the old body guessing.

      I've maintained my 63lbs loss - give or take a pound - for over 4 years now. And to me, that's the best bit.

      If you'd like to know more, then do join our Facebook group, they're a friendly bunch and very supportive.


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