Tuesday, 17 April 2012

McDonalds Gets Go Ahead for Langley Mill - Again

The most recent planning application for a McDonalds in Langley Mill - AVA/2011/0443 came up at the planning board last night (16th April) with a recommendation that it be passed, so it's fair to assume with AVBC that it would be.

This means that we'll soon be spoilt for choice on which way to waddle for our fast food breakfast/dinner/tea/supper or even a snack if we get peckish in-between.

Of course, I suspect that most of us will go by car ... thus preventing many an unsightly grease splat in the middle of the road - when we get squashed by speeding traffic near the exceedingly dodgy Asda roundabout - because we're not really quick enough to get across (even with pedestrian splitter islands) ... hmmm, or is it only me that gets over-stodged and too tired to walk after the smallest amount of fast food? Which is a shame because I like it - yum.

Mind you, this isn't the first time McDonalds have had a planning application in Langley Mill passed. They got planning permission to build a 60 seater restaurant in 2002, roughly (or even exactly) where KFC now stands ...

Update 26th April:
For some weird reason I keep forgetting to add this pertinent bit of info - probably because the vast majority of this post was written on 19th July last year; in anticipation of it being passed on the 22rd July 2011 as McDonalds expected.

Ahem, not only are we getting this totally unnecessary artery-furring (possibly brutally halal slaughtered) fast food - and I use the term 'food' loosely - restaurant. It will be 'open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 3 deliveries a week' - or so it says in the documents over at AVBC.

So there you have it, when Asda wake me in the night, I'll be able to stomp down to McDonalds and calm myself down with a dollop of unhealthy fast food gunk ...


  1. Replies
    1. Go on then Bernard ... why are we E-I-E-I-O'ing?

    2. Old McDonalds had a farm.
      And on that farm he had some ducks.

      I thought everyone sang that when they were at school?

    3. Oh, flipping heck. I never gave it a thought, I was on the wrong bus altogether.

      But I have to say that even though I know the song, we never sang it at school. We sang about catching a fox in a box and never letting it go ... haunted me for years, that did :-)

  2. More food wrappers to add to those dropped from Asda, KFC and all the other food outlets in Langley Mill. The island is dangerous as most drivers are unable to correctly negotiate it and the signage is poor.

    1. Hello anonymous,

      Did you see my photos in ... http://a-grumpy-old-woman.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/real-pictorial-langley-mill.html - and - http://a-grumpy-old-woman.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/heanor-haulage-still-langley-mill.html ...

      98% of the rubbish accumulated on Heanor Haulage yard, under the bridge (HH land) and on Queen Street recreation ground, can be directly traced back to Asda.

      KFC is responsible for the majority of rubbish that ends up in the canal at Langley Mill.

      The river Erewash doesn't really stand a chance of staying rubbish free, knowing the type of customer and environment conscience workers McDonalds is likely to attract.

      The roundabout, well, we all know my thoughts on that. How there hasn't been an accident there so far can only be attributed to sheer good luck.

    2. See I was right!
      "Here a wrapper, there a wrapper, everywhere another wrapper.
      Old McDonalds had a ....."
      No, sorry, I mustn't jest.
      I'd hate having loads of litter around the place. It's a pity Mr McDon. can't get fined or charged for every bit of discarded paper around the streets, that has his name on it.
      Take care....B

    3. Hi Bernard, sorry I'm a bit late replying, I missed the last couple of comments.

      The amount of litter Langley Mill has to put up with is totally unacceptable. As I've said, the majority of it can be traced to Asda via the - mostly teenage - slob element that shop there and weren't taught that you don't throw rubbish on the floor for someone else to clear up.

      Having said that, Asda do clear up the rubbish they can get to (on their land), but a lot of it ends up behind Heanor Haulage's ugly, spike topped fence and is inaccessible to us but we still have to look at it.

      We can only expect yet more rubbish to accumulate in the future which can be traced back to McDonalds :-(

  3. Yes, I did see it. I complained once to the KFC manager, that their car park bin was overflowing, blowing around. I was told it was emptied once a day. It did get emptied when I was there but it didn't seem a priority.

  4. Possibly backhanders and easy revenue? The council who don't seem to have any ideas on how or want to create a balanced public environment for Langley Mill/Heanor. Do they really think that our area really needs or even want MORE fast, greasy, obesity contributing food outlets which will do nothing to pleasantly enhance the area. We are surrounded by supermarkets, takeaways, fast food outlets, litter strewn streets, plastic covered trees and hedgerows. I would like to know what the politicians/councillors would personally like to see as permanent fixtures in and around their area. If a McDonalds has to be. then why not build it next to or near the KFC, also move the eastern European car wash and keep them all together after all there is plenty of space there. Imagine whilst having a greasy burger or a fast reared commercial non organic chicken they can have their car washed. Then the ex CJ car-sales forecourt and the car wash area to be landscaped with seasonal displays. That will not happen due to the ongoing maintenance cost being placed at the council's door. So to summarise: It doesn't matter what the area looks like as long as it doesn't cost the council and money!!!!!??????

  5. Politicians and councillors with a take away in their area? No chance, the rubbish would spoil the stripes on their green lawns and their big cars would be to big for the drive through. NITBY (not in their back yard).

    1. Anonymous, I like it!

      I read the other day that hardly any candidate in Derby actually lives in the ward they've put up for.

      Makes me think they get elected in a neighbouring ward so they can drag it down with dodgy planning applications etc, as a means of protecting the one they live in :-/

  6. To continue laying the pressure regarding the safety factor for pedestrians negotiating the Asda island.
    I sent our friend councillor Kevin Parkinson an email along with all message discussion threads that was sent to Asda, DCC planing & highways including photographs (showing dimensions)dating back to the time of construction of the said problem, with the request of a reply confirming that the island is a safe crossing point on all roads leading on or off for all pedestrians including the disabled in whatever form/capacity.
    I will keep all interested parties updated when and if I receive any response.

    1. I see the demolition of the former CJ Car Sales building has begun, so the opening of the new store can't be all that far away !

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

    2. I've heard the rumour by a few people locally that the access to the new McDonalds will be over a new bridge crossing the river from the rear of Lidl on the Access 26 site.

      Looked on the Borough Planning website but unable to spot any details, all I could see was the additional erection of 'pedestrian barriers' on the 3 approaches to the Asda racetrack and adjustment to road markings. I keep my eyes peeled to see if any trees suddenly get felled, to give us more proof of this rumour becoming fact !

      ALI (Gladstone St)


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