Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Songs You Get Stuck With

I think our fox is blind in his right eye
I spent the later hours of the last two nights watching the magnificent Roy Orbison on Sky Arts. To me this was four hours of pure undiluted bliss.

I was, as ever, to be found intermittently with my bum sticking up and the top half of my body hanging through the window flashing at Mrs Badger and Mr Fox ... at least this position doesn't induce me to pass wind like a certain bad photographer I know. I will upload my photos as soon as we're home because I'm fast running out of t'Interweb here.

Then as it was a clear night, I went and squished through the moat (hosepipe ban?) that surrounds our tin hut to take some moon, planet and stars photos, I did get a - presumably - amateur radio satellite going over, well at least it was definitely something man made.

I could still hear the music, there's no-one else within hearing distance daft brave enough to live in a boggy old turnip field so our tin hut had been turned into a glorified boombox and it was rocking.

Managed to evict this pair with two minutes to spare before Mr Fox arrived
I soon went back in because it was a bit chilly around the ankles and I'm sure me and the tripod were sinking. I thanked grumpy for coming out to see if I'd been kidnapped, sucked down by the bog or worse (he said he was just on his way - yeah right), and I resumed my earlier position - warm spot - in front of the telly.

After we'd finished singing along in a totally tone deaf - but not caring a jot - kind of way, I sat fiddling with my increasingly annoying android - I've run out of battery juice, but not really - phone, and grumpy decided to watch the next program ... It was chuffing awful!

After two whole minutes of this dreadful row grating on my eardrums I asked himself what it was I was being subjected to, and would he please switch it off!! I was informed it was 'The Troggs', I had vaguely heard of them in my dim and distant past but was fairly certain that I wouldn't voluntarily listen to them.

Being the good egg he is, he promptly hit the off button, switched half the fairy lights off (not as bad as it sounds, you can't see 'em but they give off a lovely glow above the pelmets) and tootled off to bed, leaving me to switch the other half off after I'd done fiddling with my phone.

This I eventually did, and I was just scrubbing the old gnashers and realised that I was humming through my toothpaste ... no, not a wonderful Roy Orbison number as you'd expect, but a bloody Troggs record - 'A Girl Like You'. This caused much hilarity in the bedroom when I told grumpy of my dilemma. Obviously this was because I only know four words of the song, yes, them's 'em  ... and I quite dislike it.

Of course this afternoon I'm still singing 'A Girl Like You' - well, mostly dum de dums - this is despite the fact that I've been listening to Roy Orbison again all morning while I work ... 'dum, de dum de dum, de dum dee dum, de dum de dum, with a girl like you, de dum de dum' ...


  1. Ah "Love Hurts" Great days.
    It's funny you should mention Roy as only yesterday I converted my long cherished LP to a CD. I am slowly working through my collection of 'vintage' LP's from the 60's & 70's. Some LP's I keep, like Roy, and others go to the local Hospice charity shop.
    My brother said "Heavens no! Don't give those away, sell them on ebay."
    "What's ebay?" I said. (I'm an OAP).
    So I looked, and some of those I had given away were selling for as much as £50. Well never mind, it has helped a good cause.
    But I have kept my 60's Roy Orbison because I bought it after taking my first (serious) girlfriend to hear him live. His singing brought me out in 'Goose-pimples'! Do you remember - "Which one would she choose? - You turned around,.. and ....walked away ....with ME!"
    It was electric!
    Unfortunately, as is my luck, Sylvia walked away with someone else.
    But I have the LP and the memories.
    (She my "Pretty Woman" is on my blog somewhere just "Running Scared" "In Dreams". But "Only the Lonely" are "Crying" because "It's Over". And now "All I have to do is Dream" and play my LP.)
    Not really, that was 50 years ago!

  2. Oh, Bernard, 'A Love So Beautiful', but 'Love Hurts' ... she should have turned around and walked away with you.

    It was 'My Prayer' to see Roy Orbison live, alas it was only to be - bugger, you've used that one - 'In Dreams'. But 'In The Real World', I never got to see him, and 'It's Too Late' now.

    Even so, I play his records (okay, mp3's) regularly. Grumpy and I are 'The Comedians' singing (tunelessly) along, often in the car when we go 'Uptown', passing by the 'Penny Arcade' and the 'Candy Man'.

    I've spent all morning 'Working For The Man', and 'No One Will Ever Know' how long I've spent writing this drivel.

    Now 'You Don't Know Me', and you probably think she's a 'Mystery To Me' so you won't realise that I am a 'Beautiful Dreamer' (Oh, yes I am).

    So there we are my 'Blue Angel'. Ahem, have you 'You Got it' or am I 'The Only One'? Perhaps all these titles have got lost in 'The Crowd'... Or maybe it's 'Too Soon To Know'? :-)

  3. Well Julie, you've got me 'Crying' (again).
    You have beat me there with so many titles. :) (My LP only had 20 tracks you see.)
    So now, I've got the 'Mean Woman Blues', but never mind, I shall cry in my 'Pretty Paper' hankie! (a kitchen roll actually) and long for 'Blue Bayou'.
    I've come 2nd again. Sob,sob,sob.
    (Cheers....that was fun!) xx

    1. Yeah Bernard, but we all know I was sat here with a page open at Roy Orbison's song titles, now don't we?

      And we also know that once you said you'd come 2nd, I was bound to confess that I'd cheated ;-)

  4. That badger feeding is so fantastic. All I can manage is four hedgehogs. Really good. I assume this is at your 'little tin hut'? come YouTube gives the location as - United States?

    1. Hi Bernard,

      I've got literally hundreds of badger videos and probably in the thousands of badger photos. As she poses (not seen him this year) - for at least half an hour - most nights we're at the tin hut.

      The fox - although a very frequent visitor - has only just started being brave enough to stay still(ish) when the lights are on him.

      They are both used to our voices, only jumping at unknown sounds. On Friday night, we had a (not quiet) 3-way caravan conversation, with half the occupants hanging out the windows watching the badger eat on one side of our tin hut, while the fox waited patiently on the other side (between the 3 caravans) for her to leave him a few scraps.

      Her pussyship was sat on one of the storage bins watching and wondering who in their right mind wants peanuts, honey sandwiches (badger) and dog food (fox).

      And I'd love to get photos of hedgehogs, last year we had one hibernating under the pampas grass, grumpy was tidying up and dragged it out thinking it was an old football. He put her back and she survived..

      United States at YouTube? No idea, the actual co-ordinates were used for both the badger and fox videos :-/

  5. Perhaps someone is cloning your videos?
    Is this not yooo?
    Country says - United States.
    Never mind - I still think they're great.

    1. So glad to hear that, as I have just become a 'subscriber'!
      I sound like something from those BT adverts with Beetee Morris. :o
      My YT login is even more weird -
      I'm - 'Voxhumanapipe'.
      An organ thingie you see.


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