Saturday, 12 May 2012

Home Bargains For Langley Mill

  1. I've heard that Peacocks at Heanor is closing.
  2. A Poundland (or similar is taking its place).
And after hearing several rumours about Home Bargains moving into Langley Mill's old Netto store, I finally had it confirmed last night (just in case you don't read my 'recent comments' section), by Sarah at The Best Of Heanor And Ripley, and again today by my neighbour who has seen the notices at Netto.

Even though this can only be good news for Langley mill, I do hope this has no negative impact on the Home Bargains store at Heanor.

If you go on the store finder section on Home Bargains Website it will tell you a new store is opening in The Acorn Centre, Langley Mill July 2012.

Of course, ahem, not actually being in Langley Mill myself at this specific moment - and having my mind chock full of what exciting shiny new Android jobby I'm having next - does have huge repercussions on my nosiness, or I'd have written this (as a rumour) before now ...

Update 31st May:

Planning application from Home Bargains for advertising consent etc - units 4 and 5 Acorn Centre is now at AVBC


Home Bargains Langley Mill is due to open on Saturday 7th July ;-)


  1. Apparently Home Bargains is opening in the old Netto unit, I assume they will close the Heanor store because in Derby when they opened the store on Bradshaw Way the Normanton Road store closed shortly after.

    1. Normanton rd store is still up and running

    2. Went to visit the new Home Bargains store on Opening day on Saturday 7th July and what a pleasure it was.

      Nice wide aisles, so you're not banging into people who carry their baskets on their arm like happens in the Heanor store and I noticed the improved store in Alfreton has also adopted the same wide aisle approach.

      It's a welcome addition to the choice of stores to visit in Langley Mill and wish it every success in these difficult economic cash strapped times.
      ALI (Gladstone St)

  2. All our checking suggests that Heanor is staying open, although Peacocks is indeed to become a Poundland. Incidentally Birthdays is also closing down - no idea what's coming there... Of course, none of this is confirmed information so it could all be totally different in the end!!!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      The latest rumours now suggest that Poundland is moving into Birthdays :-/

      Poundland having withdrawn their planning applications for new signage at Peacocks leaves me wondering, but time will tell.

      As you say 'it could all be totally different in the end!!!' :-)

    2. pound land is going into the old somerfield store jobs at heanor job center jen.


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