Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well it was bound to happen, I am careless at the best of times, but OUCH!

I was preparing to clean the fish tank - which if you weren't paying attention earlier, is in the bottom of a coffee table with a glass top - I'd removed the top in preparation of searching for more baby fish before the cleaning, leant the top against a nest of tables & got on my knees to peer in. Of course the top fell over onto my leg, it's hexagonal in shape & one of the corners cut me.

Don't panic! - Oh you weren't going to, jolly good - it wasn't much, I went off into the kitchen to get something to mop up the one drop of blood, went back & carried on fishing, all the while muttering about bleeding to death & who'd care, just trying to elicit some sort of sympathy.
My grumpy old man was sat in the same room with his back towards me writing his bets out, he was chuntering about having lost a bet.

'You could die here & not be noticed'
'Now where's that bet gone?
'I could bleed to death'
'It was here a minute ago'
'EXCUSE ME! I'm bleeding!'

Eventually my muttering penetrated through, did I get any sympathy? No, all he did was move the glass top before telling me off for leaving it there in the first place. Hmm, it's stopped bleeding now, I think I'll poke it a bit. I may limp for the rest of the day & find me a big plaster to wear ...

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