Monday, 14 September 2009

Surprise 50th Birthday Party!!!

No, this isn't me announcing that I've had a party, it's more a non-subtle hint that I'd like one - please.

My 50th birthday is fast approaching and I'd like it to be a bit more memorable than the 40th birthday I had a couple of years ago [ten, really?] - beans on toast at my sisters followed by an evening in with the grumpy old man.

I've mentioned that I may be away at the caravan aka 'the Manor' for my birthday to several people, who didn't so much as bat an eyelid or go into a huddle to discuss the fact that - 'Gosh the birthday girl might not be around for her surprise party'.

There have been no surreptitious phone calls, in fact - NOTHING!

I've interrogated the G.O.M. he didn't even say 'wait and see'. I think the only way I'm going to get a surprise 50th birthday party is to organise it myself then look completely surprised when I turn up. I can do this. I've been practising surprised expressions along with my grumpy ones, I do end up grimacing though, when I forget which one I'm supposed to be doing.

The Venue

Well, when it was my 40th birthday, my ahem, supposed friends suggested that if I were to have a party, I'd have just enough friends to fill a phone box.

It has been deemed that now I'm a mere 120 months older that I've accumulated enough friends to hold my surprise 50th party in a bus shelter - as long as there's ample parking for the mobility scooters and zimmer frames.

What Kind of Party?

Many, many years ago, I was watching some fireworks in the distance, I surmised that they were for a birthday party [it was in August]. I sat there quietly musing that I'd like some fireworks for a birthday party and went on to wonder how difficult it would be to get them, as then - way before the millennium and any excuse to let off a few bangers - the only time fireworks were readily available to us in the UK was for bonfire night.
What was I thinking!? My birthday is the day after bonfire night, I was born two weeks early thanks to a 'jumping jack'. And this senile moment was while I was a mere teenager in my mid 30's!

So, if in early November anyone sees a bunch of crumblies in a bus shelter - with a sparkler in one hand and a sausage roll in the other, don't worry, it'll just be my 'surprise 50th birthday party' ...

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