Thursday, 27 May 2010

Asda Buying Netto

Well I suppose as Asda is buying Netto in the UK, this means we may have rather a chunky sized Asda in Langley Mill after all.

From what I've read, Netto will be coming under the Asda brand by the middle of 2011 [assuming they get approval from the Office of Fair Trading], and as Asda will be virtually neighbours with Netto in Langley Mill, we're making bets amongst ourselves that there will be different departments in each.

Now, ahem, if Asda were to play at all fair, they'd sell Langley Mill's Netto to Tesco - yeah right! That has to be one of my funniest ideas this week. Although it is quite possible that Asda will sell our Netto.

... Or, looking at the plans, if I were Asda:

I'd shove [a new construction term for you there RG group] the new store over to the left a bit as far as Wesley Street instead of having parking spaces there. Then have deliveries on the Bridge Street side of the store. They could then have a walk through - yes, I realise it may slope a bit - to the back of Netto/Asda for non-food departments. [shame Asda's plans are all done and dusted]. Doing that would really, really annoy Tesco at Heanor.

I think Asda should let me work for them at finding ways to annoy Tesco - I do it so well. What am I saying? I'm already doing it for free!

Time for the latest rumours - there aren't many so I may have to start making them up:
  1. Asda have bought Nether Green service station [Esso].
  2. Tesco in Heanor has bought Cross Keys and Memory Lane pubs for their new petrol station.
  3. Heanor Haulage still own the land straight in front of us and behind us.
Oops, how did that last one get in amongst the rumours, tut tut - it's a fact isn't it? [but I don't like them feeling left out].

Of course, being me, I've looked at all the recent plans and even if these rumours were true, they haven't applied for any planning permissions - yet ...

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