Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I’ve finally arrived home after my ahem, enforced holiday - I use that term very loosely as a trip to Southwell and work was involved. All I can say of my new view is WOW! I know I’ve seen the photo’s of the demolition by email from my neighbours and also on the Facebook group ‘Asda Langley Mill’, but it’s just not the same as seeing it in the flesh. All that space and daylight on the front and the back, I don’t think I can cope!

Just one slight drawback with the demolition of the derelict buildings is that the ‘squatters’ or ‘non-paying residents’ have moved out and into our back yards. Yes, I’m talking about the rodent population. My neighbour text me yesterday to say that my cat's services were required as her cat can't muster up enough energy in his old age to chase anything more active than a tin of food, and he no longer went in for the ‘fresh, squeaking, walking’ variety.

I’ve already been told that if the spiders arrive then I’ve got the job of evicting them as I’m the only one who likes things with eight legs. If the rats turn up [not for the first time] then I’m afraid that’s a job for the council, it may even come to that with the mice if my cat thinks chasing them is a bit beneath her - she has moods.

Anyway I’m not sure how the aforementioned cat is going to cope yet, I’m expecting to have to provide her with her litter tray by tonight as she’s a little uncertain about her surroundings, most of her old stamping ground has changed beyond recognition, she used to get into the buildings under the bridge steps and onto wherever she wanted to be, now she'll have to make do with her back door entrance - when she feels brave enough ...

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