Friday, 30 April 2010

A 'bit' Carried Away

I’m known amongst my contempories as someone who loves computers, almost enough to qualify as a geek [not quite though as I’m far too old and completely the wrong sex], I’ve tinkered inside them, adding bits, cleaning bits, rearranging bits [while suitably earthed against static].

I’ve found that I talk a completely different language from most of my friends, I try not to but I can’t help it. Although I now use the proper and correct terminology [according to them] of ‘bottom bit’, ‘little green man’, ‘orange envelope’ etc.
There are times when I get glazed expressions directly after I’ve said ‘right click’, 'hover' or ‘taskbar’, even ‘desktop’ is foreign to one or two of them.

I still have to remember how three systems differ while giving ‘right click’ instructions over the phone or via Windows Live Messenger. We have thankfully, recently managed to drop Millennium Edition so I’ve deleted that from my hard drive forgotten the settings for it. But someone I know - of advanced years [by computer standards] - has jumped straight in at Windows 7, and now I’ve discovered that it’s no use saying ‘click on the little green man at the bottom right’, when explaining how to find out when her contacts are online. Windows 7 has stupidly ‘pinned’ stuff to ‘the bottom bit’ aka the taskbar [not on mine though as I've beaten it into submission and got my familiar quicklaunch back - yes I know it's a backwards step but I'm getting old, we don't like change].

Of course, all this time I've been thinking that I'm perfectly normal and it's all the others that are at odds with the world ... until now that is. Yes, I've discovered that it’s me that’s out of sync and not them, because the other day when my beautiful marquise cut champagne diamond ring was being admired I heard myself proudly announcing - somewhat breathlessly ... ‘Aren't I lucky? It's a whole MEGABYTE!’ …

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