Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Heanor Haulage Hoodies

For the first time since Heanor Haulage have been on the back of us [as well as the front] we saw five hooded dewdrops blatantly trespassing. Yes we've seen the odd teenager squeeze through from Queen Street recreation ground to allegedly retrieve a football, but this lot were on a mission of mischief.

First they tapped the diesel tank; presumably to see if there was anything in it, then one or two ran around poking at things, climbed into the cabs of the shunter and crane then congregated at the back of our wall where I smiled, waved and showed them my camera.

They made a hasty retreat back through the way they came. They were probably only on HH land for all of three minutes.

OK, it was now too late to do my civic duty of phoning the police - I did suggest it to the grumpy old man but he seemed to think that it would make us sitting targets as these teenagers knew where we lived and anyway by now they'd gone to do whatever stupid hoodies do best elsewhere.

What is it with this uniform that teenagers are wearing? because that's what wearing identical hooded tops amounts to. Don't the silly sods realise that? When I was a teenager [in days of yore but not before the war!] we all tried to be as individual as possible and couldn't wait to get out of our uniforms when we got home from school or work.

And my next question has got to be... Why are parents allowing their delightful offspring out wearing these hooded tops? Do they really think that 'Junior - bless him' wouldn't do any wrong? Get a grip PARENTS, why do you think they wear them? To keep their delicate necks warm!

So, seeing as we didn't phone the police but were worried in case little kids playing on the rec saw the hole, climbed through and got injured, we went in search of the HH security guard whom we'd always seen a lot of before. Aha! he wasn't there was he? RG group was somewhat in evidence with their temporary buildings.

We carried on down Wesley Street, I took a few more photo's ... it hadn't taken long for t**ts to start smashing windows in the partly demolished HH buildings - I've never understood the urge to smash the windows in derelict buildings, I know this behaviour is nothing new - hmm, I must have been a goody two shoes!

Oh look, four of the five hoodies [one went over the bridge to North Street] sat on the corner of Cromford Road drinking out of cans, leering and jeering at three, ahem, young ladies, standing in a leering position. If that was supposed to be early courtship then I'm glad I'm nearly old, it's not nice is it?

The GOM had another sortie around to HH yesterday while I was busy working. This time he found plenty of security there and Mr HH himself turned up. They knew about the break in and now, Mr HH would appreciate it if we phoned the police next time we see anyone trespassing - will he pay for our smashed windows and damaged car if we do? I think not.

It has been suggested that something may have been stolen, well if it was, it wasn't while I was watching them unless it was small enough to hide in their clothing. I'm not saying that they or other opportunists didn't have a rummage around the yard later but if they did, I honestly didn't see them ...

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