Saturday, 24 April 2010

Done Sulking

Righto, as many of you may have guessed by now if you’ve read some of my previous posts. I’ve not actually been at home for most of the demolition of Heanor Haulage.

It's not often the grumpy old man puts his foot down with a firm hand, but himself decided that we were going to ‘the manor’ while the worst of the demolition was in progress. He was right of course, it was the sensible thing to do if you've got the option to escape, but it’s done absolutely nothing for my recently found nosiness. I’ve had to make do with keeping up with progress via Facebook, plus phone calls and texts from my neighbour - which I truly couldn’t have managed without.

My neighbour told me that all the time that demolition affected Bridge Street, there was someone watching for debris flying into the road and they stopped work to let people up and down in their cars. We noticed the latter ourselves while we were still at home when they were poking amongst the roofs, they only kept us waiting for as long as it took to move their equipment.

As work progressed it also became very obvious that the hoarding couldn’t have gone any closer to the buildings being demolished, as bricks were hitting the inside that would have come over had it been farther away from us.

I’ve noticed recently on Facebook that there’s a bit of a divide between the moaners and those in the ‘lets be realistic and get on with it’ camp. I come somewhere in the middle because I do moan [who me?] but I was always accepting of the fact that there would be huge but temporary disruption during demolition - lets face it, the buildings were close to us and very high. Safety had to be the highest consideration, not how well we could park our cars or turn them around.

So here comes my moan Asda - I am complaining because I've had to go to the seaside with all that awful fresh air and dreadful peace and quiet, now just how terrible is that?!! Can I get compensation for missing all the excitement?

My camera is working fine now it’s got a new SD card so photo’s will be taken of my new but temporary view - oooh trains! My neighbour has said that I can have copies of photo’s he’s taken during the demolition so I don’t feel I’ve missed out too much - yes I am that sad.

Oh, and joy of joys, my windows have been cleaned …

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