Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Buildings Coming Down Now!

The metal buildings are being crunched at the bottom of the street. We've been told that the building with the 'GRTurners' sign on is to come down by the end of this week and the buildings across from us next week.

And ... I have read that we are going to get our windows cleaned twice FREE because of the huge amounts of dust we're going to be subjected to. The grumpy old man - who had cleaned his car yesterday [pointless] - would like to suggest that they clean the cars as well as the windows because ours was just as filthy again this morning. I can also - notoriously idle person that I am - live in hope that they'll offer to come in and do a bit of spring cleaning while they're at it.

What a time for my camera to pack up! I tried taking photo's this morning, all I got was 'file error' after 'file error', it's not a new problem, but definitely a more persistant one. I will try another new SD card before I go to the expense of buying a new - and obviously much more gadgety - camera ...

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