Sunday, 25 April 2010

Poor Sign

Alas it seems no-one wants the old GR TURNERS sign, it's just been cast aside amongst the heap of rubble. My neighbour, ahem, kindly suggested that we salvage it and turn it into a feature on my stairs wall as that is my next decorating job. I have passed through my 'turning every boring wall into a mural' stage ta very much! I suppose we could hang it in the entry - not.

What will the schoolchildren look at now all Langley Mill's industrial history has gone? I'll miss them each year pointing at our houses and saying 'workers' and 'terraced' in answer to the teacher's questions while I shout through the window 'peasants' and 'hovels' - well he shouldn't have been leaning on our car and annoying the hell out of me! ...

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