Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Langley Mill's Christmas Lights 2012

This lamppost evidently deserved a 'whole' tree

Just a short one this time ... and this would have been done much sooner had Sky asked BT to flick the damn switch back on at the exchange for our phone and broadband:

I thought I'd better pass comment on our Christmas lights this year seeing as I've done nowt but moan about them previous years.

langley mill's christmas lights 2009
getting excited 2010
asdas christmas lights event donation 2011
langley mill's christmas lights 2011

Well the one's we've got now - new, not second hand cast-offs, I believe - are all remarkably similar, the only difference being whether a lamppost gets one or two Christmas trees, making half a tree or a whole one.

They look nice and twinkly at night and quite treey by day. Better still they're solar powered ... hmmm, this solar bit in all honesty looks naff, it would have been nicer if it could have been star shaped, but that's probably just me being pedantic.

Asda donated £2,000 for last year's lights which was too late to use. I'm not sure who else has donated yet or if Asda has done so again this year. Someone is bound to tell me if they have, and I'll update accordingly.

Because the lampposts shouldn't need testing first - and there's no electric bill - there's only the expense of 'putting 'em up, taking 'em down' , so these Christmas trees should prove a winner (in certain quarters) ... or would do if there was a bit more variety and colour - red tub, green tree, white lights ... yawn.

Car Wash dump of Langley Mill

I took lots of photos of different lampposts as we flashed past in the car - my chauffeur was kind enough to slow down for me - but as there wasn't much difference I settled for the one near Asda when we went round the stupid 'WHICH LANE! WHICH LANE!??' roundabout.

Then I took the one above when I went to Home Bargains via Asda car park. There is a whole tree adorning a lamppost next to the DUMP still allowed to conduct business with NO PLANNING PERMISSION - it ran out June 2011. Incidentally this pile of garbage is right next to the new McDonalds currently being built. Obviously we can do what we like in Langley Mill regards planning so I may extend my house onto the road a bit (mini-rant over, I feel much better now).

I would like to know - of course - who decided which lampposts deserved half a tree or a whole tree ;-) ...


  1. I can't say I am over fond of them ,look a bit lost to me with nothing else to go with them .but at least it is a start.

    1. Actually, I think they're rubbish, but I was trying to be as impartial as my grumpy nature permits :)

  2. Well I can't say that picture had the 'Wow' factor for me, Julie - but tell me do - where were you at 12 minutes past 12 on the 12th of the 12th 2012?
    Not queuing in ASDA I hope?
    Christmas Greetings from Bucks. ...B

    1. Nope Bernard, there is no 'wow' factor, more of a damp squid effect.

      Now let me see 12:12-12.12.12 ... I was working most of the day but I think at this time I may have been trying to bend my frozen washing to put in the dryer ... or I could have been in the throne room - for urgent tinklings - after being frozen along with my washing ;)

      Hope you have a great Christmas! Have you received any cookies from over the water this year? I remember they looked scrummy last year.
      Julie xx

  3. Have these new Christmas Lights been purchased by the Parish Council (at what cost) or are they leased by the firm that supplied them (at what rent).

    I notice that the area around Aldercar(Cromford Road) seem to have sprung new shoots and produced more trees than anywhere else along the Langley Mill end of that said road, strange that or is it ?

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

    1. The Aldercar end of Cromford Road is obviously superior in every way to the Langley Mill - peasant - end of the same road. Therefore it is not strange ;)

  4. I view the trees on the lamps as ornaments unwanted by others, which are far from items to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    lack of enthusiasm makes room for ridicule and criticism and desperate attempts to please

    1. Oh, there you are dayvee,

      I hope you're OK, I haven't seen much of your doings online (Facebook, twitter) lately.

    2. It would have been nice if the bases of ALL the Christmas trees had been painted different BRIGHT colours before being erected, at least that would have broken the monotony of them a little bit.

      Just an idea for next years display, not a criticism of the Trees, as something is always better than nothing in these 'bleak times' !

      ALI (Gladstone St)

  5. I'm not impressed, would look better with multi coloured LEDs, athough that would increase the costs. Also, even if they had been powered from the lamppost, the electric bill would be very small and depending what batteries have been used, could cause less pollution that way.


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