Thursday, 20 December 2012

Roadworks Langley Mill January 2013

Just a little warning that from the 7th January next year, there will be roadworks in the area of the Asda roundabout for 3 weeks ... presumably to improve the layout of said roundabout as it's long been established that it's dangerous.

Considering that everyone that uses this roundabout, either falls in the 'oblivious of other road users' category or into the 'second guessing what the first lot are doing' category. This is long overdue.

Of course, I may be totally wrong - who me? - and the promised improvements aren't going to happen at all and they're just making the road ready for McDonalds ...

Update 26th December:

Having been out yesterday via the roundabout at Eastwood - a few yards up the road from Asda roundabout - I noticed the signs there informing us that roadworks to repair the safety barriers start on the same day as the ones in Langley Mill. These will last 12 weeks.

Do neighbouring councils not consult one another about impending roadworks to minimise disruption? ...


  1. If you look at your watch at 12 mins past 8 this eve.
    It will be 201220122012.

    I trust you have all the Southern Comfort lined up on the sofa ready for the off? :)
    I just called to wish you grump a Very Happy Christmas. :)
    ps I've just noticed that there is now a wee picture of your good self on your YouTube channel. :)

    1. Hi Bernard,
      At 201220122012 I was in the bath ... which is just about my favourite place to be when I'm at home ;)

      I've still got last Christmas's Southern Comfort and Baileys, I'm still struggling to drink alcohol but I will persevere.

      I've updated my photo at YouTube to a more recent one (wedding).

      Hopefully I'll soon be able to catch up with all the blogs I love to follow. I've been inundated with work lately and haven't had time to read as much.

      My grumpy husband, myself and Tia (meow) wish you and Wes (meow) a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year :D

      Julie x

  2. Sorry I missed out the 'and'. :(
    "You and Grump".
    And whilst I'm here - All the best for the New Year too. :)

  3. I wish I had a £1 for EVERY retard motorist who whizzed past me without signalling as I try to cross Cromford Road to wing my merry way to and from Lidl.

    I wonder what delights we will get in the New Year as the alterations to the Asda 'merrygoround' start, 3 weeks seems a bit long, unless they have to get it completed within that time scale, so they MAY be finished sooner ?

    Can't wait to see the anger on the motorists faces as the traffic lights delay them, I assume they will not allow extra time to pass through our village as they begin to change the road layout.

    Well Seasons Greetings to ALL who read and contribute to this BLOG(I really hope I've spelt that right) and let the moaning commence in 2013 !

    ALI (Gladstone St)

    1. Hi ALI, seasons greetings to you too

      There are bound to be many moanings next year ... in fact I may make it my new years resolution to moan, grouch and grumble more ... seeing as I've got nothing to give up - food, alcohol, cigarettes - I'm so good now that I'm boring ;)

  4. Hi, I work at the esso station on Derby road and I'm dreading these road works (mainly as I catch the bus from Nottingham to get to work).

    Also there's road works up at the m1 junction in the A610 starting on the 7th as well!

    As for dumbass motorist you should see what its like gone 9pm outside esso and aldi I'm surprised no one has been killed!

    1. Sorry, I missed your comment.
      Yet more roadworks not far away. Sounds like fun.

      I'm also surprised no-one has been killed or at least had a serious accident near the Esso garage. You'd be amazed at how many tosspots draw up on the left of us at the traffic lights coming from Eastwood - we're meant to think they're going to KFC or Lidl. As soon as the lights change they cut straight across in front of us and whizz off through the next set of 'just changing lights'. We know they're going to do it because they're revving up before the lights change, so grumpy holds back in anticipation.

      One day there WILL be an accident.

      Also the traffic lights across from Esso exit (to Heanor) are confusing, if you just took note of them and went on green, you'd have a car hitting you from the right. Not a significant problem for locals, but in the unlikely event that a stranger ever called ... oops.

  5. It seems that this bad weather has sent all the workmen scurrying indoors, as it has gone very quiet around the Asda island over the past week or so.

    Will the 3 weeks allowed be enough to get all the work completed as the McDonalds opening day draws near ?

    ALI (Gladstone St)

  6. The roadworks may be quiet, can't say the same for McDonalds though. They were still working inside there at 7.00pm yesterday when we passed. When is it opening do you know?

    1. I've been told that it's going to be the first week in February !

      ALI (Gladstone St)

    2. They've been working very late most nights for the past week, it shows that the deadline is fast approaching !

      ALI (Gladstone St)

  7. Forgot to mention, have you seen that the plans are in for The Mill pub? Retail units below, six flats above.

    1. Just been looking on the AVBC Planning website about the submission for The Mill Pub.

      I see that it's now only 6 Flats and the number of parking spaces are for 13 vehicles max.

      I found these 2 headings 2.8 and 3.12 amusing:

      2.8 Since it has been vacated the building has been subjected to vandalism and also suffered fire damage. The appearance of the building in its current state is an eyesore particularly in the light of the new development that has taken place on the opposite sides of the roundabout.

      Don't you think WE have noticed that too !

      and Landscaping 3.12 The site is currently all hard surfaced. The majority of the site would remain hard standing including the rear car park. It is intended however to include a small area of planting on the north west corner of the site adjoining the entrance to enhance the appearance of the site.

      Does this mean we will see the demise of our beloved 'tyre trailer' ?

      Looking at the plans drawn up by Peart Bradley Architects, they look good, but I'm a bit unsure why the project is titled 'The Station Pub, Langley Mill' ?

      ALI (Gladstone St)


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