Sunday, 16 December 2012

Adoption Of Pottery Lane

From a Comment by fellow grumpy ALI:

Report from page 4 of the January 2012 Parish Magazine :-

ITEM 2 - Adoption of Pottery Lane as a public footpath (£57,000 allocated)

a. Pottery Lane has been adopted as a footpath and will be resurfaced.
b. AVBC will look at the feasibility of including lighting and seats in development.
c. It is anticipated work will commence in the second quarter of 2012.

NOTE: the TOTAL gifted by Asda of £57,000 has yet to be spent, this is from a Report of a Meeting of Connecting Communities on TUESDAY, 29th November 2011 ! ! !

Hopefully we ALL anticipate something being done in 2013 ! ! !

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  1. Well it's February 2016 and Pottery Lane is STILL without any form of lighting, other than the 'overspill' from the Asda and I hope this is the year we see the Light !



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