Monday, 24 December 2012

Alternate Day Fasting In Winter :(

Well, it was bound to happen. I've hit one or two snags with this lifestyle. Weight loss has dribbled down to half to one pound a week. But this is fine and not bothering me too much. Whereas if I was on an actual diet and putting in more effort regards yummy food deprivation, calorie or point counting, I'd be severely unimpressed and certain to be on the verge of giving in ... if I was still even dieting by this time.

The biggest problem - and I'm not alone with this in the northern hemisphere - is the biting cold on down days. Sometimes it's painful, especially in my lower legs, feet and hands.

Get off your bum and move about, I hear you say. I would if I could, my job is sitting down with little real movement for several hours at a time. When I do move (usually once every couple of hours to visit the bathroom) it takes some getting going as I'm so stiff.

I thought that I'd lose weight with my body using fuel to keep warm, this isn't how it works, my body is saving it all for important things like keeping my organs functioning and my core temperature up ... and as far as it's concerned, my extremities can just drop off.

It is not helped one iota by me being at a delicate age - which we've covered in two ... previous posts - where I am adding extra layers of clothing one minute, throwing them on the floor the next, only to grab them back because I'm shivering within the next two minutes ... and we're not even going to mention what it's like in bed, apart from the fact that the duvet is a 4.5 tog and is w-a-y too hot.

The other day I was in Asda, my parka coat zipped up to the eyebrows - because I was freeeeezing. Half way around the coat came off - I was roasting. Then it was back on. By the time I'd reached the chillers I was stood holding my coat wide open and my body as far as I could get it into the chiller without actually melting the cheeses ... good job I didn't do it near the butter, it wouldn't have stood a chance. Never at any point did my hands and feet get warm.

I'm not sure how much the alternate day fasting is affecting my hormonal problems (there, I've said it) but I'm seriously considering doing ADF maintenance for the next couple of months until it warms up. This means that on my three weekly down days I'll have between 800-1000 calories.

The alternative - which is quite obvious now I think about it - is to have my meals earlier on to keep me warm throughout the day, and hopefully cooler at night ... This is to be my next experiment and I'll keep you posted.

There has been loose talk among us ADF-ers about combining Fast-5 with ADF, I always failed before I even got up by NEEDING a biscuit with my coffee in bed on an up morning. This is something I may try next year if I hit a weight loss plateau.

Fast-5 is where you eat your normal (sensible) amount of calories, within the same 5 hour window daily, creating a 19 hour fast where your body starts to use your reserves of fat, albeit very slowly.

And my current weight loss so far with no real effort on my part is - drum roll - 35lb ...


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  1. Being a bored Bernard from Bucks on Boxing Day, I did a bit of web browsing to keep the brain active and my hands off my alcoholic Christmas presents for a few hours longer.
    I was reading up about strange things appearing on digital camera images which are not visible to the naked eye. It reminded me of you - not I hasten to add, as a strange image - but because of those objects you photographed in the night sky. :)
    I found something here -
    Boxing Day Cheers. B

    1. Oh Bernard, you must have been sooooooo bored.

      I'm not buying into orb photography, they're all dust or pollen in my opinion and I've spent countless hours 'cloning' them out of photos ;)

      I actually witnessed strange objects myself in the night sky - rather than what my camera saw - last August while on meteor watch. I was stood freezing me bits off getting fed up of waiting for meteors and thought 'oh well if I can't have meteors, what about a UFO?'?

      Well bugger me if two didn't immediately pass overhead flying towards the sea. I just stood there with my mouth open and hand inches away from my camera.

      I decided - in my wisdom - that these were geese, the huge, silent variety that fly extremely fast and with their wings bent down. It turned out that one of our neighbours was also out later the same night and he saw them come back. The following night we (grumpy and I) saw one.

      I managed to photograph a few meteors and lots of iridium flares along with the stars, but missed all the oddities, including something extremely high up that flashed seven times irregularly as it moved.

      I know all the dates and times as I made notes on my android phone so I'd know later which photos may contain meteors.

      Bet you wish you'd never mentioned it now don't you? :)


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