Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Alternate Day Fasting Over Christmas

So far I haven't changed my meal times as mentioned in my last post because the weather got warmer and I haven't been as cold as I was during the day. Knowing British weather, this is apt to change at a moments notice.

I decided - because I'm a good girl - that I would stick with ADF over Christmas and new year by juggling my days ... hmmm yes, rather because I was too afraid of the consequences otherwise.

Therefore on Christmas week my weekend (diet-wise) was Tuesday and Wednesday, New Year week it was Monday and Tuesday. I didn't restrict my eating or drinking at all these days although I was slightly more careful on my other up days and positively saintly on my down days.

I'm pleased to say that even though I came fairly close, I still didn't need any over-acid stomach remedies. Considering the richness of the food I ate this is brilliant!

Over in our ADF group on Facebook, it's fair to say that the vast majority of us let our hair down - and loosened our belts - completely forgetting about fasting for the time being and simply enjoyed the holidays.

The results were obvious, they gained weight and I didn't - buffs up halo until it glows - however, they have since lost their Christmas weight gain and I'm still stuck on a plateau all by myself.

The conclusion that I can draw from this is that it does you good to forget all about calorie restricting for a short while, as any damage done is as quickly undone ... with the added bonus that you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

It also seems to have kick-started the weight loss again for one or two people who have gone several weeks and stayed the same weight ... like me :'(

I wish I could let myself have a week off to try it but I daren't - I have an enormous guilt complex and an obsessive nature - even on our honeymoon I juggled my days around so I only missed one fasting day - the only one I've missed since the 8th August - and I only justified that because I'd previously done two double down days in one week.

If I don't lose any more weight by this weekend then I'll have to try shaking things up with the threatened fast-5 or I'll literally do ADF without my 'weekend' off, giving me an extra down day a fortnight ... or I could stop eating Christmas cake, mincemeat muffins and chocolate on my up days.

Weight loss over five months ... still 35lb ...


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