Saturday, 11 July 2009

Yay! Blimp Season Has Arrived.

We went for our constitutional this morning via the bookies, where I was entertained no end by the strange antics of a man using one of the gambling machines. He pressed the buttons of his choice [I think he was playing roulette], then he walked away ... turned round ... walked back ... bent his knees twice and swung his arms back and forth. I watched this whole process repeated a dozen or so times before my grumpy old gambler declared that he was ready to leave.

We carried on with our walk to the sea front where I couldn't help but notice that there was a certain chunkiness about the new influx of holiday-makers. Aha, 'Blimp Season'. This is a well known phenomenon [well it is by me], in high summer Skegness could be renamed 'Tubbyness'.

For the next eight weeks we'll be immersed in a sea of blubber where I'll blend in nicely. In fact I'll probably be mistaken for a slim person, which in normal circumstances would never happen [ok it'd be impossible]. But summer in Skegness is absolutely 'flabulous'!

Short shorts and strappy suntops it is then, with my chunky tree trunks dangling and bingo wings flapping ...

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