Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What's Wikio When It's At Home?

I did my usual 'Asda in Langley Mill' Google search the other day, I do this on a regular basis to make sure I'm up to date with what Asda themselves have to say [no change] & to keep updated with ALL the local councillors [one & a bit] who have given it a mention, when I came across 'Asda's Latest Langley Mill Exhibition'. 'Ooh' methinks, someone else has written about our soon-to-be Asda. Then I gave it a proper look, 'Oh, that's my blog, how did it get there?'

I did a bit of a 'Wikio' Google search & I'm still no wiser as to how my blog arrived there. I certainly didn't submit it to Wikio myself never previously having heard of it.
I did submit my blog to Yahoo search the other week & it's now listed there, well it's only fair really, my homepage is 'My Yahoo' & has been since my early days on the Internet, so reasoned that Yahoo must want to list my blog. I can only assume that after my site submission to Yahoo it somehow got tossed about in the ether to be pounced on by Wikio, then chewed up & spat back out again into one or two strange categories.

Anyway, being ever so slightly vain & more than a tad nosy I clicked on my blog's first Wikio mention [news - retail - asda] & saw that I could subscribe to my own blog for free. 'Jolly good, I'll have a bit of that', so I clicked on the subscription link or rather I poked it with my stylus widget as I was then [& now] using my glorified mobile phone, to discover that I can email it to a friend or even leave a comment, hmm, just the same as blogger then. I didn't bother with either as my friends know where my blog is & it doesn't do to comment on your own blog - no matter how good [or bad] you think it is.

Oops, I just accidentally voted for my blog at Wikio, I didn't mean to but it looked so inviting. It'd be no good leaving me in a room with a big red button with a notice saying 'do not press this button' ...

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