Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What No t'Interweb?

Well bugger me, I've been struggling since yesterday afternoon with my MWg zinc ii to get on the t'Interweb.

So where does the fault lie?

Is it the pain in the a**e zinc ii?
Is it something I've done? [who me?]
Have I overused my allowance blogging?
Have I been cut off for being ever so slightly annoying in said blog?

I managed to get online for a few minutes just before midnight last night, but there was nothing doing today until lunch time.

The first thing I did when I finally got online was to check if it was o2 that was at fault, phew they were.

Well [in grumpy mode now] the least they could have done was let us know by text, I know that the texty bit was working ok. I'm sure the more impatient among us were on the verge of tinkering or throwing our ever so expensive gadgets at the wall [well ahem, not me of course.

o2 soon send us a text message to remind us to top-up.
And another to say we've topped-up.
And another to warn us that they're about to take £7.50 web bolt on out of our balance, so 'make sure you're topped up'.
And another for o2 Surprises.
And another for o2 rewards.
And another because o2 thinks we ought to spend more money on 'Extras'.
So why not 'Sorry o2 is having a problem'? ...

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