Friday, 3 May 2013

Pottery Lane

Just a short one this time to say that half of Pottery Lane is closed - Station Road to the bridge - we could be completely wrong, but we're assuming that the promised tarting up is being done very, very slowly, by two men who arrive every morning in a Northgate hired van :/

Hmm, interesting ... I thought it would be more than a two man job, but perhaps they're just clearing it. There's a bit of temporary fencing, a red container, a mini-digger and little muck shifter so far.

Until the temporary fence was erected the yoofs of Langley Mill were using the container as a high perch - just the sort of thing I'd have done as a yoofess because - I have to confess - I liked climbing on things.

Grumpy has said he'll go across and ask for sure what's happening sometime, oh ... in the next few months ;)

I'm sure someone else will have been and asked by now and will no doubt leave a comment - please. Or I could have a look at Derbyshire County Council website if I get bored enough ...


  1. It's fingers crossed that at long last this is the start of the much needed improvement to Pottery Lane, it could be that the electric cables must be laid first for the lighting that we have been promised for the whole length of the Lane from the Station Road end.

    Seeing that the footpath is to be closed for 4 weeks, it sounds that we are FINALLY getting this long awaited upgrade !


    1. The footpath has finally had it's top surface applied and is now back in action this week after a long closure, it seems more than 4 weeks ?

      No sign of any seating or more important for the Winter months ahead is Lighting, from the bottom of the Footbridge all the way down to Station Road !


    2. It is definitely more than four weeks seeing as I wrote about it on 3rd May, and I'm sure work had already started a good while before then. It wasn't actually 'closed' for long anyway as the yoofs of Langley Mill broke the temporary fencing down after a couple of days - as expected.

      There should be at least one light, my neighbour witnessed some men carrying a lamppost up there on 17th May. They mentioned that our lamppost at the top of Bridge Street looked dangerous :/

    3. That was to replace the lamppost that stands at the base of the Footbridge and the walkway that leads onto Bridge Street.


    4. I've just been looking at the January 2012 issue of the Parish Magazine (yes, I do keep them for reference purposes) and as I've commented before about the resurfacing of Pottery Lane it would be nice to read in the NEXT issue that we could all be informed IF AVBC is going to include Lighting and Seating in this development ?

      As it states on Page 4 of the said issue all we have got so far is the new Tarmac laid, how much of the £57,000 allocated is now left, seeing as Lighting and Seating have not yet appeared and may never will !



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