Friday, 24 May 2013

Potters Langley Mill ... And Smiths

As noticed at AVBC by ALLEY - I've not looked this week, busy, busy, busy :)

POTTERS SNOOKER CLUB - 51 Cromford Road.

Planning Application AVA/2013/0380 Applicant Mr. Nicholas Henrys (Hucknall)

Change of use from retail units to licensed premises. Refurbishment of interior ground floor area into bar.

It states that the new bar, which will be on the corner of Dean Street and Cromford Road, will show 'live sport' and will put on 'live entertainment' aimed at all generations and all tastes !

Hmmm ...

Wellingborough-based Whitworth Bros. through Dogsthorpe Acquisitions paid £450,000 for the business assets of Smiths Flour Mills 3 sites in Worksop, Holbeach and Langley Mill and as far as I can see still own the site here in Langley Mill!


  1. Mornin' Julie. Hope you are well? :)
    I have just come across this and thought you might be interested?
    "There is a new guide which gives practical information for the public to attend meetings of a council’s executive and how to obtain council documents. The Government has changed the law to allow citizens to report, blog, tweet and film council meetings in England. It also outlines the assorted rights that taxpayers’ have to access council papers and documents." here -
    Cheers ...... Bernard

    1. Hello Bernard,

      Yes we're well thanks. Just got rather a lot of work to do at the moment so no time for blogging. I'll have to sift through my drafts to see what I can publish or everyone will forget me ;)

  2. Planning Application for 59 houses on Cromford Road, no it's NOT the Smiths Flour Mill site !


    Planning Application submitted for 59 dwellings and public open space on land at the rear of Cromford Road, Aldercar and Aldercar Lane (known to many as Boat Lane), this is the land that is at the rear of the old Vicarage, across the road from Aldercar Church.


    1. Yes I saw it the day it went on AVBC. I do wonder if it'll get passed though where it is. I mean we're talking about the nobby end of Cromford Road here, and I don't suppose there'll be many 'affordable houses' included :)

    2. AVA/2013/1028

      So it's finally arrived, AVBC Planning Application for 24 3 & 4 bedroom houses on the former site of Smiths Flour Mill by Whitworth Bros. Ltd. of Wellingborough.


  3. The former Smiths Flour Mill site is up for sale with offers over £400,000 by W A Barnes of Sutton-in-Ashfield.

    The development part of the site is 2.05 acres..

    'The site is suitable for Commercial or Retail Development but Residential Development would not be appropriate as the site falls within a Flood Risk Area.'


    1. The Site has finally been Sold and D & D Transport will be moving from their base on Hall Road, Langley Mill to the Smiths Site soon !



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