Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm Still Here

Just in case anyone was at all concerned - Oh you weren't - I am still here. I have several blog posts partly written but haven't been in the mood to finish any ... But I will be back ;-)

I tiny update on things concerning a car wash on a pub car-park in Langley Mill - with no current planning permission - but which has now acquired ultra-bright advertising frills and several not so bright black bin bags piled up for extra tat effect.

Ahem, a fellow twitterer - and commenter on my blog - got the 'bit between his teeth' and made a proper tweeting nuisance of himself (my hero, ha ha) regards this car wash.

The upshot is that a councillor has made enquiries and now filled in an enforcement form about this pile of garbage using lots of - yes, I too hope they're on a meter - water in the centre of Langley Mill ...


  1. Excellent news. :) (That you're still there.) I thought you maybe had gone off to live by the coast?
    A strange coincidence actually Juleee, you see I have just been watching Michael Portillo (5mins ago) on iPlayer doing his 'Great British Railway Journeys' series. He is up in Newcastle and travelling south. In the next episode, which is not up yet, he visits .....
    Wait for it...
    Da dah!
    Langley Mill.
    I shall be looking out for that next episode, having not (yet) visited your neck of the woods. I expect they have been out picking up all the litter before filming?

    1. Hi Bernard,
      Yes, I'm at the coast as Dayvee's comment suggests :-)

      Being on Twitter he knows where I am:

      a. because I'm less grumpy
      b. I brag about the wildlife
      c. I occasionally mention bowling
      d. He's been privy to at least one of my all night AWAKE sessions with Asda.

      And that is one of my partially written blogs I mentioned, I will most likely finish that when I'm in a really bad mood - yes, when I get back home.

      Michael Portillo at Langley Mill, we saw it last year, blink and you'll miss it.

      We were sat waiting with bated breath - after telling everyone we knew to watch it - I can't remember where he went after getting off the train but it was nowhere we knew. Some industry or other so you should enjoy it.

      My grumps has been watching it again so we'll no doubt have it on the old goggle box.

  2. Come on girl tell the truth, you've been too busy playing with your bowls! :-P on the riviera.
    Hopefully the authorities will be leaning on the Ferrell carwash area which is looking like a ghetto.
    What I can't get my head around is that if people didn't voice up how long would it take before the authorities who are supposed to be looking after our village get off their rear ends and do something.
    Because the carwash is on what I assume is private land it appears it doesn't matter how much rubbish can be piled up in black bags.
    It does come across that those who want to serve the public have no pride in the area they represent.
    I would have thought if situations like this were nipped in the bud cost & aggravation would be at a minimum.
    We need to keep the pressure on.
    Think I will tweet 38 degrees re water conservation.

  3. Hi dayvee, there I've told the truth to Bernard, I was bowling on t'coast.

    I can't understand why it's taking so long to sort this car-wash out, 'anonymous ALI' phoned the council in February and they said they were investigating and waiting for the owner to submit another application.

    It seems like they can just do as they please, maybe if they were actually - dare I say it, ahem, NOT ethnic minorities and simply Langley Mill peasants like me - they would probably have had their marching orders before now.

    But we all know that the council has to be squeaky clean (unlike the car wash) in their dealings with any 'minorities' or words ending in 'ism' soon gets bandied about.

    I may set up a rubbish tip at the top of Bridge Street - you know, come and toss your junk over any one of the attractive spiky fences - in fact that's a jolly good idea, It'd be instantly closed down as a tip, and maybe then they'd get Heanor Haulage to tidy the place up.

    Did I just drift off into another of my rants then? ;)

  4. http://kevinparkinson.yourcllr.com/ appears to have his eyes on the carwash situation as I'm sure that you are aware. I think the authorities had dropped the ball on this one but it may be rolling again, however I do think we too need to keep our eyes on the ball, as well as keeping the comments flowing on twitter. On a different note I hope you are being liberal with the factor 30 whilst you're on the green letting too with Jack ;-)

    1. Factor 30! Nooooo, I do factor 15. I'm a good girl on the bowling green, slapping lotion all over liberally and greasing my bowls up as you do.
      No, it's turning my camera - with my fabulous Blue Peter style solar filter - towards the sun every time it shows its face that's crisping my forehead :)

  5. mmmmmmm???? Good girl, if you say so. More importantly is your game improving? Requirements : Good eyesight, concentration, posture, smooth delivery, follow through and planning your next position.

    1. No, my game is not improving. I seem to have many amazing flukes, but that's all they are. The rest of the time I look at the jack, get a perfect line in sight, then my hand lets go of the bowl in an entirely random direction.

      My forehand is completely rubbish but backhands are when I do the 'amazing flukes'.

      If I keep playing this bad, they'll eventually give me some spending money and tell me to buy myself an ice cream or go and play somewhere else (in the shops???) ;)

  6. Backhand delivery b****y h**l that's amazing never seen that technique before, you're obviously gifted ;-)

    1. Shurrup! If I'm using wrong terminology for chuckin' me bowl wi' t'wrong bias on t'other side then tuff! Blame them them that keep making me play hehehehe ;-))

    2. "t'wrong bias"
      Think of an ice-cream cornet. :)
      Bite off the little end.
      Bite a big bit off the big end.
      This bit you are left with is similar to the bias ont' bowl.
      If you were to roll this bit of cone, it would veer to the smaller end. The small spot ont' end of bowl is similar to small end of the cone, and the large spot is similar to large end of the cone.
      Forgive me if you know all this but it was how I was taught xx years ago.

    3. When I said t'wrong bias, I didn't mean I accidentally sent it on t'wrong bias. I meant deliberate to send me bowls on t'left to swing back to t'right.

      I knows worr'am doing, it's me arm that refuses to coordinate wi' me eyes.

      Wouldn't me ice-cream start dribbling out t'bottom of me cornet if I starts biting bits off t'end to roll it around t'bowling green? ;)

      I may try left handed next, you never know I may be world class bowling material ... but somehow I doubt it :)

  7. Is this bowls thingie, Indoor Short Mat, Flat Green, or the real 'Crown Green Bowling' that the real men (& women) play?
    I actually misread that the first time I read this, as bowels! OMG. The though of you doing a 'backhand' delivery! :O

    1. Hi Bernard,

      flat, lawn green stuff ... on the outside under the SUN, although we're now under water.

      And did you have to mention 'real men' and 'women' and 'crown bowls' .... dayvee is soooooooo bound to pass comment on that ;-)

  8. Bang on Bernard.
    For all other readers who don't understand, flat green bowling is like rolling marbles on a table back & forth, back & fourth, back & forth...yawn:-\ Now! Crown green is like rolling marbles on a dragons back (a hill in the white peak aptly named). With crown green you can go in any direction and almost any length, the crown (hump) in the offset centre of the green makes a more challenging not to mention skillful game. I now understand your terminology of back hand J.. Avva go at t'hummpy game experience the difference

  9. Replies
    1. I can't find any unpublished comments. They should all be here.

    2. They are further back up the 'thread' dayvee. I was explaining the way I was taught about bias and Julie said she was going to try 'left-handed' next! :)

  10. Hi Julie. I watched the Portillo thing and I did blink and all I saw was Langley Mill station. Actually he got off there and went to Burr Lane, Ilkeston, to look at silk weaving.
    It is ont' web here -
    Not very exciting and probably miles from Langley M. as it is over in Derbyshire. I guess the beeb used Langley because it had the word 'Mill' in it.

    1. Hi Bernard,
      Ilkeston is only about 4.5 miles away from Langley Mill and they're both in Derbyshire. Thanks for telling me where Portillo went because we weren't sure and forgot to watch it again last Friday - not using iPlayer here with expensive mobile t'interweb. ;-)

    2. Thanks Bernard, got them..Can't see wood for. I too saw the Portillo show , quite interesting. Not seen any more on the car wash topic.
      Have a nice day y'all :-)


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