Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Asda In Langley Mill?

So the rumours were true then.

At long last, after all the rumours of the last year, Asda have finally put me out of my misery [I think not - this is a grumpy blog] by announcing their plans for a supermarket in Langley Mill.

All along I've thought 'Yippee, if Asda come then HH will be leaving' - apart from one nasty rumour last July that HH was going to be staying at the back of us and spreading next to the railway - I ignored this rumour because I didn't like it, hmm ...

Now Mr HH has made a statement saying that they may just move round to their 'back yard' which is at the back of our back yard. He wants his cake and to eat it! [yes, I know it's a stupid saying.

We peasants, sorry I mean residents have been invited to view the plans for Asda next Wednesday evening - 1st April, 2 days ahead of the public viewing....

More grumpiness is bound to follow...

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