Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday - Getting ready for 'THE WEDDING'

My Niece gets married tomorrow, I've spent a bucket load of money on make-up and accessories, I didn't go to this much effort or expense on my own wedding (relatively speaking, I know it was yonks ago). I rarely use foundation, it always used to make me spotty (oh to be that teenager again!). But I've now got one or two tiny blemishes and wrinkles that need a little minimising (ok, they're great big FURROWS).

My sister aka 'mother of the bride' says that she'll do my make-up for me [dunno why, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself] tomorrow morning - if I get there early enough - wedding 2pm. I need to be at said sisters by 11am to allow enough time for the make-up to set - hmm, I think she's trying to insult me but I can't quite put my finger on it...

I'm not altogether sure that letting my sis do my make-up is a good idea anyway, they're starting on the champagne at about 9am, if I get there at 11am she'll be sozzled when she starts on me. By the time I've been done (ages later) I'll have been drinking too and whatever minor miracles she'll 'appear' to have done to my face will no doubt be classed as BRILLIANT by yours truly, while I'll probably in actual fact resemble a decorative compost heap! I think to be on the safe side, I'll do my make-up before we go.

Now have you ever tried using individual lash inserts, the sort that last - ahem 'up to four weeks'? Well vanity dictated that I should have a go - They are a nightmare when you get to a certain age (someone who needs reading glasses).

Instructions - pour a few drops of 'Superfix Lash' adhesive onto a piece of aluminium foil [not included]. By the time I'd stuck the second one on the glue had dried. Now I'm not saying their glue is crap but you'd think it'd stay runny longer than that - say a week, in my case.

I tried doing them with specs on, looking through the lens with one eye while squinting with the other, that didn't work, I still couldn't see until I realised that I was in fact looking over the top of the lens so I could see and reach the squinty eye - so off with the glasses.
Hmm, I managed to get one stuck at the top of my nose, I might have left it and claimed that it was the beginnings of a 'unibrow' but I'm meant to be improving my appearance.

After my complete failure with the 'instructions' of - pouring a few drops of 'Superfix Lash' adhesive onto a piece of aluminium foil [not included] - I just dipped the lashes onto the doo-dah in the glue bottle and stuck them somewhere - well, 'close to but not touching the eyelid', as per the instructions - I think.

Anyway I persevered and now an hour later I've got lashes 'To Die For', shame they're stuck at odd angles, from one direction I look very surprised and from another I look half asleep.

OH SLEEP! I've got to go to sleep tonight somehow! WITH these lash inserts precariously balanced on my own stumpy lashes. What's betting I'll have to take them off in the morning because they'll be all screwed up and my own lashes are bound to fall out as I yank them off in a panic instead of remembering to use the remover [included].

Tomorrow, oh heck! I've got some false nails to put on ...

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