Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Rocky Laporte Show - with ADVERTS

I'm a sucker for people coming up to me in the street with a few questions,
first off -'have you got a working DVD player?' - 'good, it'll only take 5 minutes now and 30 mins later and I'm not trying to sell you anything and for your time you'll receive a £5 Boots voucher'.
That was ok, my feet were aching, I sat on a bench while the 'I'm not trying to sell you anything' lady filled in my details. Then I had to look at a booklet and say which coffee, shampoo, perfume, kitchen towel, foundation make-up, conditioner, boxes of chocolate, fabric softener, savoury snacks, air freshener, mascara and marmalade I would like to receive if I won one of their lottery baskets (worth up to £100 in total)

Of course to enter this 'Lottery' I was given a DVD to watch (on my working DVD player), I couldn't watch it on my laptop or computer it had to be DVD player and I wasn't to fast forward or rewind, apparently it was a new pilot show that they wanted MY OPINION on (obviously my opinion is important, but I already know that). It was described as 'a bit like Friends'.

Anyway I dutifully watched the DVD with an open mind but alas not at the time I said I would because I hadn't yet returned from my marathon trip into Nottingham (will moan about that later)

It was utter crap, Rocky Laporte is possibly? a good comedian but he's no actor. There was canned laughter every 3 seconds but I never laughed once.


I started to smell a rat but persevered with the DVD as I was in a bit of an 'all or nothing' mood.
I even found myself taking note of the adverts, something I would never normally do in a million years.
I then had to fill in a 'programme evaluation' sheet - I didn't mince my words!
Then and only then, I had to open a sealed plastic envelope - S**T! it was the same booklet I'd had before - coffee etc.

I'm now waiting for my telephone interview, between 2-4pm, do you think I'll be a nice little sheep and do it properly?
WHAT? for a probable non-existent £5 Boots voucher and the chance of winning their equally non-existent lottery?
Anyway To receive my voucher I had to follow all the instructions and I failed at the 1st stage which was 'enjoy the program'

'Market Research' - they expect us to be honest with our answers why can't they be equally as honest with their questions instead of treating us like morons?

Rant over ...


  1. Tell me more about the telephone call please, I'm expecting my call tonight (Tuesday 7th October). Shall I not bother answering? I didn't enjoy the show and thought Rocky was awful, I couldn't understand him and his delivery was POOR. I guess I won't get my voucher either? What a con :O(

  2. Sorry I missed your comment, I was away and have only just got back. You probably will get a voucher if you answered the questions they actually want answers to. I was just feeling bolshy as I'd sat through half an hour of what I considered crap, then I thought to check Rocky Laporte out on the Internet; probably just like you, I just wish I'd checked first.
    Hope you weren't as bad tempered as me & you get your voucher.


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