Thursday, 4 September 2008

Had my phone Market Research 'Interview'

Huh, am even more grumpy now, the lady on the phone was very nice, that really pi**ed me off, I wanted an argument!

When I said I was prepared to answer any questions on the program which was crap; but none on any advertising, she just said 'well you're refusing to do the interview which is up to you'.

I said that 'I wasn't refusing but I would only answer questions on the program on the DVD and I wanted to know why we were being treated like idiots when we're not (well not all of us) and that I'd been lied to'.

She was still NICE to me!! She must have had practice, I couldn't be nice to someone who spoke to me like I spoke to her, she went on to ask if I wanted to speak to a supervisor.
I didn't as I was busy, up to my eyebrows in glue, sticking my nieces wedding card together (will moan about that later - but it is a masterpiece)

So I just said 'no, I want no more to do with it and if they wanted me to answer questions on adverts then they should have said so, instead if sandwiching them between a 'pilot' episode of crap and saying that they wanted my opinion on that!'

She went on to say (nicely - bitch!) that that was the way they had to do it and she'd just put me down as a refusal.

Oh my God, I'm high on glue! and my exclamation mark key has nearly worn out!!

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