Friday, 4 July 2008

Insulted by a four year old

We've just been to visit my other half's daughter and family, hectic to say the least, her youngest never shuts up, constantly badgering us all for 'a leg and a wing', no amount of threats from her mum or dad can shut her up, she's one of those kids that are afraid of nothing, no threats work, if you smack her bum, she wants you to hold her up to the mirror to admire the red marks and if they're not red enough, she asks you to smack her again. How do you beat that? she's not really naughty, just so full of life until suddenly she drops and asks for milk before falling asleep.

Anyway, lets get to the insult - They'd been to Ibiza on holiday and came back bearing gifts, mine was a lovely mug with a cat on it. My grumpy old man's was a leather belt as he'd requested, he put it round him and a small voice piped up 'that's too big for you Dadda.' - It wasn't, it was a perfect fit.
Then the little darling looked me up and down and said 'It'll fit Julie.'

I just gritted my teeth and breathed in [as you do] trying to look a bit thinner. I was muttering about it under my breath all the way home much to HIS amusement.

After we got home and I'd been stomping around for a bit, holding everything in every time I caught sight of my reflection, I gave in and tried on the bloody belt - HA!

Of course, being the adult that I am I let it drop - yeh, like hell I did, I immediately sent a text to the little horror's big sister, asking her to tell the little so and so that the belt was WAY TOO BIG for me...


Be nice, I'm very sensitive.