Tuesday, 31 March 2009

"Special Preview for local residents" tomorrow

I'm going to the preview evening, I'm interested to see what Asda's plans are - as are many others. I hope the plans they show us include what Heanor Haulage plan to do so then at least I'll know for sure what I need to moan about.

I for one don't think I can cope with Asda on the front and HH on the back, it's bad enough now with the noise, fumes and muck + the horrible view.

I've hardly slept since getting the letter from Asda 'regarding a planning application for a new store in Langley Mill' and noticing the bit that said - 'with Heanor Haulage relocating to new premises on part of their site.'

I'll no doubt be adding more to my 'grumpy blog' straight after the preview... as long as I haven't been arrested for setting fire to the part of the plans that HH intend to move to.

The lorries are racing up and down the yard as I type, I can taste the dust, I suppose it's my own fault for actually having a window open, a bit inconsiderate of me to do that and then moan about HH's dust when it blows through don't you think?...

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