Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Asda's plans for Langley Mill

Well FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFlippin Heck, Mr Heanor Haulage was fibbing when he said they 'may move to their back yard'. They're going to annoy us on the front instead, I can't see where Mr HH is going to fit in all his crap, although we were told he was downsizing.

We ahem, can give our opinions to Asda but I can't see that making any difference whatsoever,
but we will try!

Not only will will HH be on the front, the same area will be for Asda's deliveries
and we weren't told that it wasn't going to be 24 hour opening, in fact it was very much suggested that it would be.

Oh I can feel a
major grump coming on...


  1. i wonder how you would have gone on a few years back when Turners where working 24 hours a day when they were riviting non stop then i think you may have had something to moan about.

  2. Fair comment, but I didn't choose to live here when Turners was here. If you choose to live somewhere noisy then you can expect noise. I chose to live here when it was quiet. Heanor Haulage changed that with their air and noise pollution.


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