Monday, 6 April 2009

Mystery of the socks - case solved!

This is not about my odd socks, they're gradually turning up as I dig deeper into the linen basket, no this is another sock puzzle.
Now to me, socks are the peasant equivalent to women who buy handbags or shoes, I love socks - and can afford them - but they seem to have disappeared.

When we first went to the 'Manor' this year I didn't pack many [well there weren't many actual pairs] as I thought I must have left some there when we closed for the winter.
I was wrong, oh dear, this meant that I had to buy some more [tragic].

I've been packing this morning ready to go again and I was still puzzled about my complete lack of socks, I needed some plain white or trainer socks in case we went bird watching and it was warm enough for cropped jeans - it's that time of year when you have to pack for every type of weather. I'd look a complete numpty in cropped jeans with bright orange Garfield socks.

I checked in the Christmas underwear draw [I have a reminder on my phone to get in the festive mood and start wearing my Christmas socks on Nov 14th]
I searched in all the suspect places and believe me when you've got to bring all your stuff back from the caravan for the winter, you shove them anywhere they'll fit.

Of course, that's what I'd done, only I'd forgotten all about it. When I bought them back last winter I got as many in my sock draw as would fit and stashed the rest. Eventually I found them - in the cat's 'rainy day' draw, about 50 pairs in 2 carrier bags.

This year I must make a note to myself informing me what I've done with things, I recently found a lot of sheets in the attic in a plastic underbed container we bought back with us. I know they've been up there at least two years because that's when I lost them and bought more sheets.

There was a time when I remembered every detail and didn't have to write reminders, this is a sure sign that my brain cells are dying at an alarming rate - or my preferred theory, that my head is so full of stuff that it's overflowing...

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