Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Unpacking And Yet More Moaning

We were going to the 'manor' today but now I've got some work to do, it's very secret, hush hush work [yeh, right], but they want it back as soon as possible so it's pointless going away yet.

Therefore instead of chasing around after the grumpy old man asking him to get out the clothes he wants packing, I've now unpacked my things. Hopefully by the time we do go I'll be able to leave out some of my more wintery garb. It also saves me lying in wait for an unsuspecting cat who isn't so unsuspecting after all and seems to have disappeared - how does she know?

By staying at home a bit longer I'll be able to get back into serious 'grump' mode, I've been too cheerful the last couple of days and it really doesn't suit me although I haven't had the headache or face-ache caused by practising my frown.

I'm taking my grumpy old man to B & Q tomorrow [10% discount for crumblies] to get some paint to finish off the bathroom that we've been putting off for ages. Well it was no good doing much in the way of improvement if one of the Asda rumours were true, the one that they were demolishing our houses, I liked that rumour, it was my very, very favourite.

Now, whilst I would like an Asda in Langley Mill, the more I read the booklet, the less I think we actually need one. Yes, it reads like they are doing us a great favour, saying that most people in Langley Mill go to either Morrisons at Eastwood or Tesco at Heanor.
Gosh, you may think, they must be miles away, this is not so, they are both very close towns with an exceptional bus service to either.

I imagine the traffic to and from Langley Mill will increase and it's bad enough now with through traffic, we know what a complete bog they made at Heanor with Tesco's island, can Langley Mill cope with this?
Langley Mill is only small, not even a town really, but it's got a Netto, Farmfoods and Lidl already, plenty for the size of the place. The only good I think they'll be doing is employing local people but is this enough?

Something does want doing with that eyesore on the corner of Cromford road, it looks dreadful as a first impression upon entering Amber Valley , if I was arriving at Langley Mill for the first time I'd be inclined to leave as fast as possible.

Oh, and where do they get the idea that Heanor Haulage is on Cromford road? We all know it's on Wesley Street, just off of Station Road - or are there other plans that we don't know about?

The cat has just turned up, huh, that's what I call 'sods law'

Oh yes, I'm back on 'Grumpy' form ...

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