Friday, 3 April 2009

Been to see Asda's plans again

I've been to have a look at Asda's plans for Langley Mill again with my friends [I'm like that, nosy as well as grumpy]. I posted my views on their proposals in the box whilst I was there rather than emailing them.

It was actually better at the Bridge centre today as you could see everything and talk to someone from Asda quite easily, even [almost] being offered a pencil so I could draw in some trees on one of the plans. When we went on Wednesday it was overcrowded with practically the entire population of two streets turning up at the same time, this was no-ones fault as we all had a right to be there first.

I can't help being a bit suspicious about the houses Asda and HH propose to build behind us. I think they're included on the plans simply to put me off the scent [conspiracy theories, self importance and paranoia - just look at the problems I have with missing socks and it's up to 10 odd ones now!].

I bet when it's all done and dusted HH will still be on the back of us just as Mr HH said they may.

I don't think there's the room [even downsized] for HH's complete operation to go next to the Asda store; offices yes, they'll probably go there + indoor storage, but all the lorry fronts, flat-bed trailers, moving equipment and general crap will have to fit in somewhere. As I see it there's only the back of us and there's nothing we can do about it as they're already there.
Lets hope I'm wrong to be suspicious, I have been known to be wrong before [I can't remember the exact date]

I wonder if anyone else noticed the new Asda addition in the booklet? [also on the website] It's the page with the little map of nearby Asda's. Well number 2 is at Hucknall and to my knowledge Hucknall hasn't got an Asda... Yet.

I did mention it to one of the Asda people there [I'm like that] and I got the impression that they'd rather someone like me - a woman on a mission to annoy people with her BLOG - hadn't noticed.

I think I'll have a change from being grumpy now, I'm getting on my own nerves & it's giving me a headache having to wear a permanent frown...

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