Thursday, 2 April 2009

A bad Week

Well I'm having a titifilarious time I must say, first my dog died [I don't think that has sunk in yet], then we find out that Heanor Haulage are definitely staying, but across the road and not behind us. Today we went to Rufford Park for my fourth hobby which in order of favourites is
1. moaning, 2. computers, 3. card making, 4. photography. 5. star gazing

I took a couple of photo's of fungi, mainly because it's easy to get them to pose - have you ever tried talking a bee into holding still?
Then I saw it, no not the Treecreeper that I'd been after for the last few weeks, but the bloody red [empty] battery icon flashing, I blame the bee that wouldn't hold still for a photograph when we went for a walk by the canal the other day, nothing to do with the fact that I'd forgotten to recharge the camera.

I'll be sending my opinions on 'Asda in Langley Mill' by email but that's only because there's not enough room on the card for me to write everything I think I need to say, it won't be nasty or demanding or unreasonable and I promise not to lie naked in front of the bulldozers when I don't get my own way, unless it's summer of course [and believe me you want to hope it's winter 'cos it's not pretty].

On an entirely different subject - I have here before me 9 odd socks - all mine - how has this happened?

1 Tweety pie
1 bear
1 pig
1 Cheeky chops [don't ask]
3 different Garfields
1 other ginger cat [I've got a matching keyring to this pair]
1 nutty tart ... yes well ...

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