Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm a fishy Grandma!

My 'golden' White Cloud Mountain minnows have had babies, I've found about 14 so far and have moved them into a large goldfish bowl with one of my apple snails happily munching on his lettuce and cucumber.
This, I'm lead to believe helps feed the young fry as the apple snail excretes the micro-organisms [infusoria] they feed on.
It's only a temporary measure and I'm going to buy better equipment and food for them tomorrow otherwise the water will soon get polluted and my apple snail will escape, I'd hate to walk into the living room and something go crunch.
The adult fish are starting to look a bit frisky again and one of the females looks quite chunky so there maybe more to follow, this will keep me busy and amused for hours, so much so that I'll probably forget to be grumpy...

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