Monday, 30 March 2009

Sad Day

I've not been in a grumpy mood today, just sad.
My beautiful Yorkshire terrier Pippa died last evening, we had the funeral today.
She's buried under an apple tree, close to her sister Sheri, a golden labrador, there's also a duckling that a [ba***rd] crow killed last year, 3 budgies, 1 canary and several goldfish so she's in good company.
All the time we were digging a blackbird sang, it was lovely.

As with all funerals - yes, even pets - we felt much better afterwards but I still felt that I was in need of retail therapy to cheer me up. So the Grumpy Old Man and I went to JTF with friends and as usual bought a load of crap.

I've got to find somewhere to put all the extra unnecessary junk that I bought.
So NOW I'm starting to feel a bit tetchy!

Still sad though...

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