Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Honour?

I had a look at the list this morning, fully expecting to see that I’d been honoured - but do you know, there are NO honours awarded for services to blogdom OR moaning. Apparently you have to do something worthwhile to deserve an honour - so that’s me remaining in total obscurity for a bit longer.

I suppose I could make letters up to use after my name - who'd know?? -

  1. RGM - really good moaner.
  2. OBG - old blogging grump.
  3. OGM - old grumpy moaner.
  4. SOW - stroppy old woman - hmm, maybe not
  5. MBE - moaning blogger extraordinaire - what do you mean - 'no, I can't, it's in use'?? Well if we're going to get all picky about it, I won't bother.
I'll just have a new middle name instead - Grumpess!

Happy New Year ...

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