Thursday, 5 August 2010

Goodbye Langley Mill's Bookies

Oh dear, we have to say goodbye to the bookies next Tuesday. I asked my source - I have to use terms like that, it makes me feel more important - when the Post Office is to close. But, as you may have guessed, the PO wasn't uppermost in the grumpy old man's mind when he received the bad news about the bookies closing ... Righto, he's been to make enquiries and the Post Office won't be closing until the new one is ready.


There's been a bit of stupid vandalism in Langley Mill [nothing new there], when the big recycling bins were set fire to on the car park on Cromford Road [also a fence was burnt on Aldreds Lane]. On the same night, a wheelie bin from Bridge street was moved to the Asda fence in the 'turnaround' at the top corner, we don't know if anyone broke into the site or not.

Work seems to be progressing well on the roundabout, quite a lot of tarmac has gone down. The BT chamber is sort of still a bit holey but I'm sure they'll get their finger out!

Right onto rumours, there aren't many although I've heard several versions about the same subject, namely CJ Cars, and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I didn't make any up myself:
  1. CJ cars has closed for good [retired].
  2. CJ Cars is just waiting until the road is re-opened.
  3. CJ Cars was hoping for Asda to buy them out and they changed their mind.
  4. Asda has paid CJ Cars enormous sums in compensation.
  5. CJ Cars has sold out to a well known fast food restaurant.
  6. The Mill Pub is to be demolished.
  7. Netto will be the 'George' dept.
  8. The road through Langley Mill be will opened on Tuesday 10th August - yes, it made me laugh too.
And now on to much better and far less boring things ... I've bought myself a brand new toy - and just look what it can do ...

Yes - it can bend fences ... Int it terrific? And it's got 20x zoom, ha ha - there's nowhere left to hide ...


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